Amazon, Flipkart Stop Non-Essential Deliveries in Delhi

Amazon Flipkart stops non essential deliveries in Delhi feat. min

Following the massive increase in COVID-19 cases in India, several state governments have re-enforced closures or curfews. Delhi is one of the hardest hit during the second wave and has been added to the blockade list. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced a 10-day lockdown earlier this week. Because of this, e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart have stopped offering non-essential products to customers living in the Delhi NCR region.

So if you live in Delhi or NCR region, you will see a new banner (image below) on Amazon homepage (both on website and mobile app) informing customers about the delivery of only essential products during closing. The banner says the following: “In light of the latest government guidelines, we only accept orders for essential products. Deliveries may take longer than normal. “

Amazon, Flipkart stops nonessential deliveries in Delhi

Now, as you can see, Amazon will only deliver essential items like masks, groceries, healthcare devices, and household items. Non-essential items, such as electronics, fashion items, and accessories, cannot be delivered to customers until the closing ends on April 26.

If you try to get a non-essential item from the eCommerce platform, the system will prevent you from adding the item to your cart. Instead, it will display a message stating that the “The item cannot be shipped to the selected location.”

Amazon, Flipkart stops nonessential deliveries in Delhi

“Currently, we are allowing the delivery of essential products in accordance with the new guidelines established by the government,” said a spokesperson for Amazon India in a statement to Gadegets360.

“However, we have learned from customers over the last year that urgent needs vary between households and it is challenging to define a static list of essentials. We request the Delhi government to allow the delivery and movement between states or within states of all products to allow people to maintain social distancing standards. E-commerce is the safest way to meet consumer needs while supporting the livelihoods of billions of small and medium-sized businesses, including local stores.”The person added.

When arriving at Flipkart, unlike Amazon, the Walmart-owned e-commerce platform does not display any banner or message on its home page. However, if you open the Flipkart mobile app, there is a new notice that says “Product availability may vary depending on government regulations in your area.”

Nonetheless, both e-commerce giants will continue to deliver essential products to customers during the shutdown. Delivery executives have also received electronic passes to move freely around the region.

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