Amazon No Longer Offering One Month Prime Subscriptions in India

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Amazon Prime is one of the few subscriptions that I’m sure most people use. Not only does it offer free and faster delivery, but it also includes Prime Music and Prime Video subscriptions in India, both of which are really good services in their own right. However, today Amazon is making a change to its Prime subscriptions in India and will no longer offer one-month subscriptions for Prime.

The change has been forced due to a recent mandate from the RBI regarding recurring payments. The new mandate requires banks and financial institutions to implement an additional authentication factor for such payments.

Amazon has highlighted the change in its update Support page. Meanwhile, the company has not allowed new registrations for the Prime test since April 27. From this point on, if you are looking to get a Prime subscription, you will have to choose a three-month plan or an annual plan. subscription. These are priced at Rs. 329 and Rs. 999 respectively.

“[…] We have temporarily discontinued: (i) new member sign-ups for the Amazon Prime free trial and (ii) new member sign-ups for the Prime monthly subscription until further notice. You can continue to enjoy the benefits of Prime membership by renewing / signing up for the annual or three-month Prime Membership ” Please read Amazon’s updated support page.

For those who don’t know, the Reserve Bank of India had announced the new framework in 2019. However, the deadline for implementation of the same was extended until September 30,2022. The initial limit for transactions also was established at Rs. 2,000, but was later revised to include transactions up to Rs. 5000 instead.

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