Apex Legends Is Adding a Permanent 3v3 Arenas Mode

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Since the release of EA’s battle royale game Apex Legends, the title has been one of the most popular titles among gamers. The fast-paced game has gathered millions of players and added several new “Legends” to expand its roster. However, EA did not add any permanent game modes other than Battle Royale mode until now.

Apex Legends is beginning its ninth season called “Legacy” on May 4. And with the update, the game is adding a new game mode similar to Valorant which will allow players to enter the “Arenas” for an intense 3v3 battle. According to Respawn, the new game mode aims to condense the “The chaos of 20-squad battle royale matches turns into more focused 3v3 combat.”

Arenas mode in Apex Legends: everything you need to know

So what is Arenas mode? Is it like a Battle-Royale-cum-tactical-FPS experience? Well, it is and it isn’t! Let me explain.

Now, Arenas is a new permanent game mode in Apex Legends that will allow a squad to enter into an intense 3v3 battle with another squad. The main objective will be to survive most of the rounds by killing the members of the other squad. So as you can see it is a round based mode and it sounds quite similar to games like CS: GO and Valorant.

Apex Legends new game mode Arenas

Why do I say that? Well, for starters, once you enter an Arena match with your favorite legend, there will be a pre-round purchase phase where you can buy things using crafting materials. These include legend abilities, ordinances, healing materials, and weapon upgrades.

There will be a total of five Arena locations where players will have the opportunity to prove themselves against competitors. It includes two new locations, including Party Crasher and Phase Runner. While the former sees the Mirage Voyage crashing into a luxurious plaza in downtown Olympus, the latter is the first prototype stage runner ever created, before it was installed on the game’s third map.

Map of Phase Runner Arenas

Apart from these two, Apex Legends will bring some popular locations from its three existing maps. You’ll get Kings Canyon Artillery, World’s Edge Thermal Station, and Olympus Golden Gardens at the start. We can expect to see the map collection grow in the coming months.

Once everything is prepared, the buying phase will end, allowing you and your teammates to jump right into battle. And since you’re fighting with only one squad in the “Arenas,” you won’t have to worry about being third to other squads. Well that’s a relief!

Now once the 3v3 combat begins, there will be a closing ring, just like in Battle Royale mode, which will continue to shrink until one of the squads takes out the other on the battlefield.

  • Apex Legends Arena Mode: Points System

Upon reaching the winning aspect of the new game mode, the first squad to survive for 3 rounds will win the match. However, there is a catch. Look, to win a game in Arenas, your squad needs to achieve 3 wins and also be ahead of the opponent by 2 rounds.

What this means is that if your team scores 3-0 or even a 3-1 score against the opposing team, it will be a clean win. However, if the game comes in a 2-2 point situation, you or your opponents will need to secure two more consecutive victories, making the score 4-2, to win the match.

Plus, the more rounds you win, the more crafting materials you’ll get to customize your gear for the next round. And, after the end of each round, no weapons or other gears carry over to the next round. You can watch the game trailer for Arenas mode right here:

So these were pretty much the key things you need to know before entering an Arena in Apex Legends. This update will also bring a new legend called Valkyrie and a new weapon called Bocek Bow. The Season 9 update “Legacy” will be released on May 4.

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