Apple CEO Tim Cook Promises to Donate Funds to India

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India, as we know, is facing one of the worst waves of the COVID-19 pandemic right now. Cases continue to increase and medical supplies continue to deplete. Citing the situation in the country, we recently saw Google announce considerable funding of Rs 135 million to help India fight the ongoing crisis. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised to donate funds to further help the country.

In a recent tweet shared by the Apple boss, Cook showed empathy for the people who are dealing with the current situation in India. Following a few words of encouragement and appreciation for medical workers, the Apple CEO wrote that “Apple will donate funds to support and aid efforts” in the country. You can see his tweet just below.

Now, it is worth mentioning that apart from Tim Cook’s words on Twitter, there is no official announcement from Apple itself. So as you can imagine, there are no further details on the fund amount or the timeline for the fund donation.

However, judging by the current situation in India and citing cases on the rise, we could see something official from Apple in a day or two. Furthermore, with the increasing depletion of medical supplies such as oxygen and ICU beds, it is safe to say that the COVID situation in India is quite helpless.

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Therefore, a sizeable trillion dollar company fund could help solve some of the problems India is facing right now. In addition, it will also help the Indian government to allocate more resources to provide medical supplies, oxygen and ICU beds where they are most needed.

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