10+ Best Free VPS Trial Without Credit Card [For 30 Days]

Need a private server to test out your new code or website? Need a service to keep running that little bot you created last night? Need a server to hold your files for free? You have jumped into the right place. Today we will be telling you How you can get a Free VPS trial without giving your credit card details.

Let’s begin.

What is a VPS?

As you might already know, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is used to host or run code and files online. The term basically means that you have your own computer or processor located somewhere around the world, which you can use anywhere and anytime to run your website, code, or simply store files. It’s simply like a virtual computer. VPS is a great way to keep running your code. There are a ton of companies providing free VPS trials, but they have a slight catch in that offer.

They ask for your credit card details, in turn for giving free access to a VPS. However, there are few good companies that completely offer their trial service for free and ask for nothing in return. All they want is customer satisfaction.

Why get a free VPS Trial?

Using a new thing for the first time feels difficult with no guidance at all. This is the time where you learn by making mistakes. Free VPS trial enables you to test out your newly made website. It helps in learning from mistakes so that you don’t repeat them when you are using a paid VPS. It also helps you in testing which company will provide the best value for money later on for your paid purchase.

It’s completely harmless, lest if your project fails or you don’t want to work more on that thing you created, you won’t lose much. Free trials won’t cost money and will also help you test out your devotion and dedication to your work.

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Companies Providing Free VPS Trials

  • Google Cloud
  • Kamatera
  • InterServer
  • ElasticHosts
  • BlueHost
  • HP Cloud
  • Linode
  • Hostinger
  • Digital Ocean
  • Scala Hosting

Here, we will get to know the companies which are providing free VPS trials at 0 extra commitments. Starting with GoogleCloud…

Google Cloud

When we are starting why not start with the best and the pro-company. The number one company on the list is Google Cloud. Google Cloud is by far the best free VPS trial provider. I personally have created and hosted many websites through their service.

free vps trial
  • 24*7 Polite and expert technical assistance regarding anything from hosting to uploading and maintaining the server.
  • 60 days long bumper free trial period.
  • 0 downtime servers.
  • Credit card required but no costs charged.


free vps trial

The second best service provider is Kamatera. They are the leading face in the area of VPS service providers. They provide seamless and unlimited options to choose from and upload your code and get your app running.

  • 30 days long free VPS trial
  • Server options cater to the requirements of everyone.
  • Global Server options to choose from.
  • Setting up a server is seamless and can be done in under a minute.
  • Post-trial period, service is very cheap and affordable.


The company has experience of 15 years when it comes to cloud hosting and VPS maintenance. The company knows best what it is doing and will be a great choice for beginners.

free VPS trial without credit card
  • Not Free, but almost free, it provides access for 0.70 paise a day, up to 16 days.
  • The trial can almost be extended to 30 days.
  • A cheap option to use for unlimited bandwidth.
  • The renewal price after the trial expires is also quite affordable at 450rs per month.


It is the best VPS trial provider in the US. It offers users a lot of options, to choose from. The service is available for only 5 days long free trial. Few features are-

free vps trial
  • The site offers 99.9 % uptime for its servers.
  • It offers both Linux and Windows-based environments for VPS.
  • The servers run on SSDs and hence are superfast.
  • The trial feature offers a 1GB RAM, 30GB HDD, 5GB SSD, and a 10GB data transfer limit.


Recommended by thousands of websites around the world. The reason for not topping the list is they charge a 15$ fee, to get a super-duper luxury trial with all the features you will ever require. If you can afford to pay that, you should try this service.

free vps trial
  • Offers 1TB Bandwidth and 1 free domain name registration.
  • Provides high scalable servers for your requirements.
  • Can be renewed at the same price for another month.
  • The validity of the paid period is a month.

HP Cloud

This cloud service is run by Hewlett Packard, HP. The servers are bolstered with great durability and strength. The service is quite reliable as it comes from a very reputed tech company. The best features are-

free vps trial
  • Free support to get you started.
  • 90 days long free trial.
  • It provides hybrid servers to give the best to its users.
  • After being satisfied you can sign up for affordable prices.
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PS: Companies regularly update and change their policies for free trials. Please read more info present on the respective company’s website to know about their free VPS trial offers. Always read the terms and conditions of a company before availing of their services.

INDIA specific best service after Google Cloud. The service offers local data centers in Mumbai. The service is paid after a certain period of time until your credit expires. Has been supporting websites in India and is very reliable.

free VPS trial
  • 24*7 customer support for all the technical assistance you will ever need.
  • 100$ free credit to try out premium features.
  • Local Servers help store your data locally.
  • Superb Server configuration even at beginner level stage, with 10GB SSD and more.
  • Setting up and uploading your files on the server can be done within seconds.
  • Easy to scale up your server and migrate your data.


The service is again superb for users across the world and in India too. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. Provides the fastest and most reliable speeds across all platforms.

free VPS trial
  • Provides both Linux and Windows-based environments for setting up VPS.
  • Uses only SSDs to provide the fastest read and write speeds.
  • Fast refunds, if you don’t like their service you can ask your money back with no questions asked.
  • Provides options for backing up files.
  • Customer Support available 24*7.
  • Data centers present in most regulated countries to keep your digital data safe.

Digital Ocean

If you are looking for VPS customized to your needs, you will not get better service than this one. Digital Ocean is famous and a mammoth when it comes to hosting stuff online. It offers the best options and a long trial period for new users.

free vps trial
  • Provides ample options to customize your servers.
  • 60 day long trial with 100$ credit for in-app usage.
  • Can set up different environments.\
  • Run 10 VPS all along with one account.
  • Provides Cloud Firewall for protection from attackers.
  • Not Beginner friendly, recommended more for a pro or power users.


We have kept the best for the last. This service is ready to handle all your problems and setup headaches. You simply need to sign up and a team of experts will contact you to get some info and accordingly will set up your server and carry out continuous maintenance.

Free VPS Trial
  • Zero headache, everything from setting up to optimization to the maintenance of servers is done by a team, you simply need to test and use the feature.
  • The service has so much to offer and charges a bare minimum of 740rs per month for all of the above-mentioned features.
  • Managed servers only come with CentOS, a slight drawback for some users.
  • You can migrate an unlimited number of websites to its hosting servers.
  • It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any free VPS?

Yes, there are a lot of free VPS providers but some might ask for your credit card details just to make sure you avail of their service automatically after the trial period ends. However, few providers offer trial periods for few cents just to block spammers.

Is free VPS safe?

VPS providers assure that the data is safe and secure. But nothing is 100% secure and safe. Choose wisely. Choose a data center in your country so you can use the law to gain back your data if some mishap happens. Don’t upload too sensitive details to foreign companies’ servers. Always sign up for reputed companies cause many free ones are too shady to be believed.

Which VPS hosting is the best?

For Beginners- Google Cloud.
For Pro- Scala Hosting, Linode, etc.

How do you use a VPS?

Imagine like this. VPS is a computer present overseas and you are given a user interface using which you are required to operate the computer. VPS is similar to using a computer, it’s just used for websites and is done virtually from a distance. For more information, contact your VPS provider support section.


Hope this article helped you in choosing the best Free VPS trial offer for your needs. The companies mentioned here are tested and reputed. We personally have used a few out of these services and can root for the same. If you face any issues while signing up for any VPS provider, ask us in the comments section and we will be more than happy to help you out.

if this article helped you, please share it with your circle of people to spread the word. Until then keep reading, keep sharing.

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