20 Best Idle Games For Android, PC and IOS [Latest]

Almost, the entire world is under lockdown due to the Covid’19 Virus, people are struggling to cope with their loneliness. In this distress, they are trying out a lot of new things and entertaining themselves. So, today I am going to introduce to you all lonely social animals to IDLE Games. Throw yourself to your sofa with some snacks and dwell in the world of the Best idle games.

What are the Best IDLE Games?

best idle games

Best IDLE Games or Incremental games, clicker games or clicking games. Video games that involve player only by clicking, that’s it you gotta do nothing else. Idle games refer to those games as well which involve very minimal interaction among the players. Idle games mostly mean digital games, but going by their definition of requiring minimal interaction, I will tell you some off-screen games which you can play. Fun aren’t they? These games are a great way of passing time and feeling relaxed. Most of them offer multiplayer so you can collaborate with your friends digitally or play with strangers all around the world. You can even play them in the background while doing something productive at the same time. At some times, you don’t even need to click in the game, it plays itself, you can go for a short walk or even take a piss. All in all, it’s sorted.

Game Mechanics

All that the player needs to do is clicking, the game in return rewards with in-game currency. This currency can be used by the player to buy items, power boosts, currency multiplier and so on, depending on the game. These games either go on forever or end up at a particular level. Automatic clicking is not present in the games which end up at a particular level. (Obviously)

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Types of Best IDLE games have two major categories and a few sub-categories in each of them. They are-:

  1. Involves total interaction
  2. Involves partial interaction

The other category is dependent on the platform you are choosing to play the game on. They are-:

  1. Indoor (Away from the digital world, with family members)
  2. Web-based or PC IDLE Games
  3. Android-based
  4. iOS-based

Starting with Indoor

There are lots of games that require very less or some interaction(come on, you can wield strength enough for this). The games that can be played indoors, can be played with family members. Aside from passing your time, you can also spend some quality family time. There will be jokes, teases and all sorts of shouts of wins and losses. Mesmerizing, right? The first game on the list is Snake and Ladder.

Snake and Ladder

Everyone has this board lying around in the house. OK, I get it, you don’t have one. No problem, go to google, or search for snake and ladder board game chart and print it out. Get four(for 4 players) differently colored buttons, get a dice(if not available, use a random dice code generator in your phone). Place the buttons at 1 and roll the dice, when the dice rolls 1, the button will be allowed to move out of the box and march ahead. Ladders are your friend but stay away from snakes. Simple, yet funny. Keep rolling, the first one to reach 100, wins. Congo, moving on.


The same goes for this if you don’t have a board laying around just print it out from the net. Although, snake & ladder and LUDO come together. Cut 16 circles, paint 4 with one color. Place them at their respective places. Roll the dice, if 6 comes, you can move out of the box and march forward. Try to step onto your co-players, which will send them back to the box. Get all your circles in the centre box. Whoever does it first, will be the winner.


best idle games
tic tac toe

This is a very basic and very interesting game in this game  two players alternately put Xs and Os in partitions of a figure formed by two vertical and 2 Horizontal who intersect each other

PC or Web-based IDLE Games

This section goes on forever, there’s no limit to what you can play. There are a plethora of games available on the Internet. No installation is required, no hassle only fun. These include games that require some interaction and no interaction, after a particular level. To all the tech-savvy video game players, here I present you with the list of 5 Best IDLE Games. Be warned, these games are addictive.

Cookie clicker

This marks the beginning of IDLE games popularity. This one, however, was not the first IDLE game. In this game, you need to click on cookies and collect them. Clicking cookies will reward you with in-game currency. Using this, you can buy buildings and other in-game items. After moving a bit further into the game, you will be allowed to make upgrades and also increase the number of cookies by using “likes”. Heck, at a particular level, you can leave the game, yes, it will collect cookies automatically, you just sit near it like a sleuth bear and watch the gameplay. Developed and released in 2013 by Sir Thiennot, this game became a total success and still marks till day as one of the best IDLE Games. This game looks very simple, but when you start playing it once, you won’t leave it. It’s so addictive.

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Doge Miner

He’s famous, around the internet for his memes. You definitely might have come across it if you use any kind of social media apps. Well, the same Doge has its own best Idle game.

In this game, the dog, who goes by the name Shiba, mines for “dogecoin”. Starting with one mound to mine, you will gain many puppies which will help you further in digging mines and collecting coins. This game is so addictive that you will forget what you were doing and devote your whole mind to this. Also, you can fulfil your dream of going to the moon, eventually earning enough coins and going to the Moon on a rocket.

Plants v/s Zombies(My favourite)

Released originally for PC, this game has now taken its grounds in the Android store and App store. They even released the second version of their game on the play store. You can download the game and play it without signing up. You will have a short tutorial teaching you the aspects of the game. In short, all you need to do is indulge the Zombies attacking the house by planting eatables in their route. Then plant plants to spit beans which will kill the zombies, collect suns for power-ups and generating the pea plants. The game gets even more thrilling when the final round comes. Zombies burst at once at the plants, use the powerups to kill them. After planting the plants all you need to do is sit and relax and see the zombies getting killed. Do a search on Youtube, about this game and you will be amazed by the automated scripts used here.

Aspiring Artist

You have opened an art class and you need to take care of the instruments and dyes required for the daily classes. You also need to mould and improve the talent of aspiring artists to complete more art pieces. You will be working here to help fulfil the dreams of an aspiring artist. You need to help your student’s so that they can master their artistic skills and complete the gallery with his/her creative works. This is the game to test your teaching skills and also experience how a teacher hone’s skills of his students.

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This game Skribbl involves a group of people from all around the world or you can even create your private room. In this game, one of the players is asked to choose a word and then draw its structure in a short, fixed duration. Others try to guess what has been drawn on the screen. The player who makes the first correct guess will get the highest points and the others will get subsequent points based on their rankings. This game is totally fun, especially when people make wild guesses of what someone has drawn. Invite your friends and do try this game. Available for free on the internet without the hassle of signing in or installation. Just sign up with your desired username and start playing.

Chrome T-rex Game(Doesn’t require Internet)

Yes, you read it right. This game doesn’t even require the Internet. Well, it’s the only requirement is Google chrome without the Internet. So many of you might have noticed the dino which comes up when there is no Internet Connection in your system. Disappointed you turn off your PC, well that Dino is not just an error/failure message. It’s Google’s hidden Easter Egg game. Get rid of the Internet connection from your system, open Chrome and try to open any website. Press the spacebar when the Dino pops up and it will start to move. Dodge the cactus plants and birds(later on in the game) that come in Dino’s way by pressing the spacebar. Keep pressing the bar and move ahead, the speed will slowly, slowly increase it will get difficult to play the game. Control your reflexes and score the highest you can. Look online for a script that will make the Dino move automatically and dodge the hurdles in its way. See the speed when the score gets super high.

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Android-based Idle Games

Well, not everyone has a PC or laptop right in hand but they have smartphones. Android is the most popular smartphone comprising about 70% of the world’s total smartphones has got lots of advantages. First is, a plethora of games and apps available for Android phones. So, let me introduce you to a few of them-:


 On the top of the list, we have Stacked, developed by one of the most renowned developers in Playstore, Ketchapp. They are known for their simple, minimalist design with soothing background sounds. Games developed by this group is the best of the best for relaxing or playing in idle time. Designed beautifully with the utmost care given to graphics and overall aesthetics, this will be your favourite in no time. As the name implies, in this game you need to properly stack up blocks by tapping on them. You need to place the blocks head to head on one other, any inch that goes out will be stripped out. Slowly, slowly the board will become smaller as you keep stripping it. Finally, the board will become a pin-sized block that will be difficult to place and you will lose. Try to stack as many as boards you can to score the highest scores. Going higher in the game, you can unlock many different colour blocks. Stack up the blocks as high as you can. All the best!

Candy Crush Saga

Oh, who doesn’t know about this game, topping the list for years for being the best game in Playstore and App Store, this game has earned another level of love by the players. Brightly coloured and filled with Sweet candies this game is all about matching and moving. You need to match 3 or more similar candies vertically or horizontally to crush them and clear space for more to fall. Keep doing this and after some moves, you will complete the level. Move on, keep playing and reach the next level. This game has no end and it goes. Fun and thrilling you will never feel bored in this game. During this game, you will need many power-ups or combinations which will help you burst out one kind of candy from the map entirely or speed up the process of crushing the candy for the next few seconds.

AdVenture Capitalist

It is one of the best tap games in the Playstore. It is played like a fairly tap game. This game is similar to the web-based business tycoon game. Similarly, in this game, you need to tap on the screen and earn money, using which you will be able to buy stuff. You can even upgrade your business using the money you earned and earn more subsequently. You can employ people to work in your company, lure in investors for growth and make your business as profitable as you can. This is a perfect game for the tap and idle genre. Although, this game becomes slightly boring due to the repetition of steps of upgrading, hiring, firing employees, etcetera. Do give it a try, the first-hand experience of this game will be thrilling.

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Egg Inc.

Another popular game in this genre goes by the simple name of Egg Inc. The world inside this game is all about the farm, poultry, and eggs. If you have ever played games similar to the Farming Genre you will know what you need to do. You need to start a poultry farm, tap to generate money and then expand your farm to earn more. Leaving the farm idle for a few minutes will generate profits. You can hire employees to look after and help you in expanding the farm and taking care of the birds. This game has a lot of simulations in it. It even has some modern augmented reality features. This game also becomes boring after some time, because there’s not a lot to do. The same repetitive steps are executed and might bore you. Nonetheless, do give this game a try and let’s now move on to the next one.

A Dark Room

Developed by Indie developers, this is one mysterious tap game that you should try out. At the beginning of this game, the player finds himself in a dark room after a mysterious event and all he has is fire. He can only tend and light a fire and do nothing else. Moving ahead with the help of fire, the player will gain more resources, meet strangers and together with them set up a village. Are you getting it? This game is all about evolution. Then the player explores the world and learns about it. As the game progresses, the user is gifted with newer resources and explorations. It doesn’t require the Internet to play.

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Turning to the iOS people

Another major part of humanity uses iPhones. Fairly popular for its privacy-based structure this OS has an App Store which is restricted to only games that are chosen and have no security issues. From the catalogue of these chosen games, I bring you the best Idle games you can play on your iOS powered device. A lot of the games like Stack, Candy Crush Saga are also available here and you can try them out.

Idle theme park tycoon

This game has it’s a background set in a theme park full of rides and games. Here, you will be the owner of your Theme park and do your best to make your Theme park most profitable. You will never get bored as this has tons of rides and resources to be set up in your theme park and lure people in. This is not only limited to upgrading your theme park, you can even buy islands and set up other theme parks of your choice and expand and develop them. Each little upgrade that you make will be counted. You can achieve anything as long as you log in daily and collect the rewards.

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Hacking heroes

Super fun game for all those tech-savvy people out there. You and a few other hackers team up and try to beat and destroy computer viruses. This will provide you with money using which you can hire more hackers and destroy more viruses and level up to more difficult levels. This game has a short story mode. Small lines of dialogues are displayed to show the interaction between the hackers. The game has very nice and simple graphics and has fun characters in it. The hacking hero is truly an idle game that you will love for its simplicity, difficulties of different levels. Do try this out.

Bitcoin Billionaire

The craze of bitcoin has surely gone down but the aspiration of becoming one in real life has always been there. You can fulfil this dream of yours here. This is one of the best idle games is total fun with gorgeous graphics, simple rewarding mechanics and overall gameplay. Simple rule, the more you tap the more you earn. It’s really entertaining and quite addictive, you need to put your phone down and focus on something else. Chill, don’t overdo it, try this game and use it to pass your Idle time and fulfil your dream of becoming a bitcoin billionaire. All the best 🙂

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Almost a hero

Here’s one for you all RPG fans. In this game, you are made in charge of a band of misfits who are superheroes(almost) but lack in something or the other. We have a character, Lia who shoots arrows but doesn’t quite hit the target. Simple yet manages to deliver incredible complexity which will keep you awake for long hours of fun. Lighthearted game for those who don’t like violence. Filled with lots of challenges and side-missions, this game will make you fall in love with it. Do try out.


Lastly, I would like to tell you why these games are so popular and would be the perfect time-cutter in this time of great distress. These games come in small size, require minimal or no interaction (after some levels) and are full of fun. These will be your best partners to help you cope up with the distress and loneliness you face while staying inside and keeping yourself safe from the pandemic. These idle games is a large genre and have its dedicated subreddit page(r/incremental_games) where developers meet and ask for suggestions to new games and launch upcoming ones. Do consider joining the page and you will come across some awesome people and friends to play with. All the games are available in their respective domains. Web-based games can be found by simply Duckduckgo-ing(yeah, privacy) their URL and playing from there itself. That’s been it, enjoy these games and do share the article with your friend and family members to let them know of these Best IDLE Games

Take care ?

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