12 Best Racing Games for PC (Updated2022)

Guys your wait is finally over! Let’s get down to the best racing games for PC that you must play! This list has some of the old classics, while others are improved and the latest versions of old classics. It is almost impossible that you will see any fresh game (1st installment). Because many developers have brought you top racing games on PC and it would be challenging to take these titles down.


Still, from simulation racing to the arcade, even open-world, and a minor mix-up, we have tried to encompass almost everything in this list to make it settle according to your preference. With that, let’s begin the list of the top 12 racing games that you can play on PC today!

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Best Racing Games for PC:

1. Forza Horizon 4

Forza racing games have managed to become quite popular, leaving many other games behind. While it is not essential for sim racing, it captures the fundamentals of racing correctly. The fourth installment is set in the British world, for starters, which gives you many stunning scenes, landscapes, and tracks to enjoy.

12 Best Racing Games for PC Updated 2021

Additionally, it has unique weather and season-changing system. Every week, a new season strikes Forza Horizon 4, enhancing the racing appeal and keeping things stimulating and entertaining enough. Next up, cars had a significant tweak in comparison to other versions. Each car feels different, and it does matter owning different cars. The specifications will matter.

Finally, it comes down to your skill as a racing gamer as you train and embark on a journey to become the best racer. Forza Horizon 4 consistently brings you fresh content with seasonal championships, single-player campaigns (10 hours long at best), and co-op multiplayer racing. It is one of the best PC racing games available.

2. Forza Motorsport 7

There are two types of PC racing games – sim racing and arcade racing. Arcade racers love the possibility of the gaming world and semi-realistic, even unrealistic approach to amplify the thrill. Sim racers would admire something more grounded and akin to reality. Forza Motorsport 7 combines the best of both worlds.

Forza Motorsport 7

While it is not highly realistic, it provides a wide range of simulation racing for you to enjoy. The ‘Motorsport’ title brings you the ability to customize various vehicles and choose your cup of tea. It can even be a van! That’s not all! You see some brilliant similarities like fantastic race tracks and dynamic weather changes similar to Forza Horizon 4.

Overall, it is the perfect ‘PC racing game’ if you want a game and not something totally ridiculous and out of the world or set according to real-life.

3. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione introduced us to the potential a sim racing game can have. More importantly, it brought us endurance racing for fun. Nobody expected a combination of endurance style racing with simulator racing would work, but Assetto Corsa Competizione completely surpassed all expectations.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

It is one of the best PC games with a realistic approach. The game is quite stunning in graphics and visuals and does have time and weather changes. But more than that, it has full wheel support. The second installment in the game amplifies the competition and championship as you can feel the heat in the game.

With a better handling model and polished single-player mode, it has become one of the best racing sims for PC gaming available. However, a license might be a little bit costly.

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4. Project Cars 2

There is Project Cars 3 out there, but having a sequel isn’t always the best thing as we all know it. Project Cars 2 takes the position over the third installment for its realistic approach. The cars and tracks feel very real in this game. This game brings you a wide range of options, from an expanded collection of cars to customization.

Project Cars 2

Choosing the right kind of tires and car for the track will indeed impact your performance. The mechanisms are borderline realistic that while other games would allow you to accelerate, brake, and steer as you like, you need to have a presence of mind in this one.

If you loved the weather system of the Forza series, then you will certainly admire Project Cars 2 and its brilliant attention to detail for weather and elements. Everything matters, from the drop of rain to the slippery ice surface. It is one of the best sim racing PC games available.

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

As we are talking about real games and the ones that work as a simulation, Dirt Rally 2.0 would certainly stand out. The previous version (installment) introduced us to a new concept of ‘Rally Racing.’ We’ve seen it on TV sets but never imagined there could be a game. The game was unforgiving, as well, especially to keep your vehicle under control and on the right course.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirty Rally 2.0 amplifies everything. It is the closest you can get to the real-life experience of rallying your car off-road into various terrains and tracks as you race to win. It requires controls and quick decisions. You will find yourself getting challenged in each race. Each race is handcrafted, and it’s almost as if the game uses AI, that the difficulty seems to be entirely on par with your skills.

Over time, you will grow better, but initially, there’s almost no way to avoid crashes and whatnot. Overall, Dirt Rally 2 brings a lot more to the table than previous installations, and it shows.

6. Grand Prix 3

Grand Prix 3 was the groundbreaking game that revolutionized the racing games industry. It introduced us to more realistic concepts like weather and its impact, tire wears, and other minor tweaks that could play a significant role. That’s not all! Over the years, although it has been almost a decade, the game has aged like a fine wine. Thanks to the community developers, we have a wide range of mods available for this game, making it stand out.

Grand Prix 3

While Grand Prix and Grand Prix 2 were great, Grand Prix 3 has been the epitome of the classic Formula One Racing. In simple words, it is one of the best PC games for Racing because of its realistic take on F1 racing that feels almost like sitting in a simulation. There’s no doubt that it is limited in graphics and other things, but it is still one of the best games ever to exist.

7. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Talking about old classic PC racing games: Who doesn’t remember playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit? The Need For Speed franchise has gotten a bit stale over the years, especially after the game’s open-world addition. It was a pioneer at the time, but something went wrong along the lines. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit captures the same old essence of arcade racing with race after race for you to enjoy.

need for speed hot pursuit gameplay

It is one of the best games that remains an all-time classic. How can you forget racing other cars as the police cars start chasing you to slow you down or capture you? You use various brilliant maneuvers to outsmart them and also remain top of the game. While there’s no doubt that the graphics might not be as great as today’s games, Hot Pursuit is one of those classic PC racing games that will always remain top of the class for something new and unique it brought us.

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You can even thank it for any of the games that brought you a crash system, slowing down, and much more. It was unique for its time, and it is still one of the fine games.

8. Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco has a lot going for itself as one of the best racing games on PC.  Initially, it is an open world but with a unique approach that was way ahead of its time. You can swap between NPCs to race around and have fun. There are many key elements like chaotic racing, wreaking havoc, and much more. However, most importantly, it is also a thriller game with crime-solving aspects.

driver san francisco gameplay

You are initially racing against everything from other people to crimes, against time, and much more. Driver: San Francisco also has stunning graphics and some of the best soundtracks to ever exist in the race games across any platform. Overall, Driver: San Francisco is a treat that also brings you the same thrill of arcade racing as Need for Speed. Among all other options, if you get a chance, you should certainly play this game.

Thankfully, it was initially hard to buy as a Ubisoft game, but now it is available online thanks to a wide store, online gaming, and much more. Therefore, you can easily find it to play it.

9. F1 2020

Codemasters have brought you one of the best series of F1 racing to exist ever. It remains top of the charts and surpasses many others available. F1 2020 has undergone consistent updates and tweaks with each new version for a decade-long series. As a result, we receive a brilliant masterpiece.

f1 2020 gameplay

There are new tracks to entice you. The racing appeal is top-level with brilliant graphics and realistic overlay. It does feel like you’re an F1 driver. More importantly, it brings you the same elements that F1 2018 had with a storyline that makes everything feel more personal in approach.

Finally, you have a new career option that allows you to race as a driver and manage your team. The blend of two career modes brings you more to expand upon in this world. Overall, it is indeed a brilliant, authentic racing game that you could ask for.

10. iRacing

iRacing is much less forgiving than any other F1 racing that you know. While F1 has managed to refine its mechanics, iRacing is more realistic and the closest you will get to experience enthralling racing elements. This is the most realistic racing sim game you can get for PC. It even has VR compatibility, which allows you to connect VR headsets and have an immersive experience.


iRacing does not forgive at all. As it is closest to reality, many people use it to practice real F1 racing. That’s not all! You will indeed have to practice a lot and earn your wheels in the game. It is an MMO game that is highly competitive, almost like a real-world thing. Many people have advanced from playing this game into real-life seasoned drivers. That’s how intense and realistic this game is.

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iRacing is, without a doubt, a top-tier racing game with incredibly realistic graphics and much more.

11. Dirt 5

Dirt Rally 2 is quite an unforgiving game, but if you want an arcade off-road racing game, here’s Dirt 5. The game comes with both single and multiplayer modes, and it has some of the most stunning graphics of all time.  Its latest addition of playground mode certainly revs things up to the next level.

Dirt 5

The game takes quite an inspiration from old-school games. Instead of realism that most of the games now focus on, it brings you plain old fun. It has everything you need for off-road rally racing in arcade mode. Of course, it isn’t one of the original games either. There is nothing new or unique apart from what we mentioned above. Still, it is quite refreshing and unique in its own way, especially on this list.

12. Trackmania 2

Have you seen those Hot Wheels commercials and always wonder how those tracks would fare in racing? Do you love those over-the-top crazy tracks? Then Trackmania 2 is indeed about that. The tracks are just ridiculous. They can range from something very curvy to something straightforward. However, what really stands out is that you might have to do the barrel rolls, perform jumps and stunts to move around.

Trackmania 2

The semi-reboot of the game in 2022 brought various graphical upgrades, which made it even more enticing and enticing. There are new tracks, different customization options, and much more. It is not a game that is realistic. It is one of those games that explores the possibility of, well, the ‘game’ genre. Thus, if you want to magnify the ridiculousness, you will love this game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can You Get These Games?

Most of these games are available on Steam or Origin for you to download. Steam would be the best choice as it has become a hub of almost all PC games.

Does License Means You Buy The Game?

Yes. Most racing games have a one-time payment that allows you to buy and play them. However, a license is fixed about your pay to play the game for a specified time. For example, iRacing has a $50 per year license. After that, you will have to pay again to play the game once more.

Is It Worth Playing A Racing Game On PC?

Yes. PC is indeed a superior console to any other gaming console available. If you can get your hands on the best GPU, RAM and Processor, you will have the best gaming experience possible.


So whether you’re an arcade racer or sought something similar to the driving game, you will have a remarkable experience with each of these series of best racing games for PC. Almost all of these support multiplayer mode or at least a co-op mode so that you can play with other players. From something that has inspired people to become a racer to have fun driving a customized car and race against other top-tiers, this list has everything. So go ahead and select your engine, and get ready to rev up the enthralling racing experience on your PC like never before!

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