7 Best Torrent Sites for EBooks

Here we will tell you about the 7 best torrent sites for ebooks where you can download free ebooks.

Everyone loves free stuff. If you say you don’t, I bet there is a hundred-dollar bill somewhere around here that says differently. Well, it’s no secret that eBooks can be expensive. A lot of the time they cost more than your lunch at McDonald’s…

Books are the best friend of man, often helping as a philosophic guide or as a friend who takes on crazy adventures. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, digital books or ebooks are getting quite famous, for two main reasons. One, is portability, one can read them anywhere one likes to read. Second, easy availability. One can find and download any book anywhere they want to. However, some of them are not easily available due to border restrictions or are hugely priced.

EBooks have been around for a while now and not too much has changed in terms of their prices. I mean, they are still $10+, which is a lot considering how much it costs to print and distribute an eBook (basically nothing).

Well fortunately there is a thing called torrents and we have listed the best ones for you below:

Best Torrent sites for eBooks

  • WikiBooks
  • ZLibrary
  • Pirate Bay
  • Kickass Torrents
  • Torrentz
  • Library Genesis
  • 1337x

In this article, we will be talking about the best 7 torrent sites to download ebooks. We will be providing links to sites where you can download your books for free and make sure to have a good ebook reader to help you. We will be telling you where to download ebooks from torrent sites. We will also be answering some faq on the best torrenting sites for ebooks.


Best Torrent sites for eBooks

WikiBooks is a collection of free content books, in several languages. All the texts are available under an open license for reuse, revision, or redistribution by users.

Wikibooks is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation to enable publishing textbooks with wiki-based collaboration tools. It has a volunteer community-based moderation and management system to ensure quality control before approving books/articles to ensure that they are genuine or at least related to the topic.

The preface is a peer-review academic e-book series with an open-access free license policy, launched in October 2007 by David Lippincott, Assistant Professor of English at Penn State University. The series focuses on textbooks applied to undergraduate courses across all disciplines including humanities and social sciences.

The only site you will need to quickly grab a copy of your favorite eBook. The website has a simple user interface like Wikipedia. It has a huge database that houses books of all genres, ranging from science to religion. Another cool thing about the site is, you can download the books in your local language as well. It has 7 languages support from all over the world. Hindi is one of them. Another cool thing is, the website isn’t banned anywhere and is free to use.


Best Torrent sites for eBooks

ZLibrary is a free torrent site that is open to the public. Its primary focus is eBooks of all types but it also houses music, games, and movies as well.

  • ZLibrary has been around for several years but was starting to become overshadowed by some of the newer sites on this list so they have recently relaunched the website with a new look and some new features.
  • You are able to download any eBooks that you want, the only stipulation is that ZLibrary does not support illegal activity. So if you are sharing something that is copyrighted or have an incorrect title/author’s name for your eBook it may be removed from the site.
  • All of the content on this website is hosted externally. This means that you do not need to stick with a specific torrent client because the eBooks will download on any platform.
  • ZLibrary is currently open for registration but they are closing it soon as they continue to update and improve the site.

It is the best torrenting site for downloading eBooks. It has advanced filtering options to just find the book you are looking for. What makes it the best torrenting site for ebooks, is that it is totally dedicated only to books and no other content. It has only 1 mirror link to download content aside from the main website.

The Pirate Bay

Best Torrent sites for eBooks

The Pirate Bay is the most torrent you will ever see, and it’s not just for torrents. It’s the largest BitTorrent tracker on the Internet with a global search to find any torrent in its database. Although it has nothing to do with books or e-books, you can still find your favorite book there and download it.

Another notable thing, you can get manga, audiobooks of almost any genre, any topic. ThePirateBay is the most famous site for all-around category for downloading any type of content because people here are too active. You will find a lot of magnet links and peers active which helps in getting better download speeds. Pirate Bay has been banned and taken down quite a few times, but each time it goes down a mirror link of the site pops up to save us.

KickAss Torrents

Best Torrent sites for eBooks

This site can be considered as the masked version of The Pirate Bay, when the latter is down, the former takes its place. It has similar features to ThePirateBay. Always use magnet links to safeguard yourself. Well, this should be the case with every torrent site. Sometimes, books unavailable on other torrent sites are found here. Use with care, cause this site has few illicit things which shouldn’t be present on the internet.


Best Torrent sites for eBooks

Torrentz is one of the most used torrent sites in recent years for torrenting. It was probably the only Torcache replacement that could actually compete with it because of its huge library containing millions of books, movies, software, and games.

Torrentz launched its eBook section just recently after the launch of the eBooks store by Google. So you will not find most of the popular eBooks here. But you will find a lot of new and rare eBook titles that are almost impossible to find elsewhere. Torrentz eBooks has around 3,55,000+ ebooks and still counting.

  • Started: 2014
  • Type: Free-to-use torrent site for eBooks
  • Torrent contents: eBooks

Library Genesis

Best Torrent sites for eBooks

Library genesis is the one-stop solution for all your eBooks. From university requirements to casual storybooks, it houses them all. Although, while downloading content, it may not be the fastest because of less peer-to-peer connection. But this doesn’t make it any lesser than being the best torrent site for ebooks. You will always find a pdf of the rarest of rare books on earth. UI of this site looks like it is not safe to use, nonetheless always set up security measures before accessing the site or downloading content. We recommend using a VPN.


Best Torrent sites for eBooks

1337x is a free torrent site where you can download movies, music, and eBooks. The user interface of this site is not very attractive but it has a huge library of books to choose from. You can download any eBook for free if the book is available in the public domain.

You will find almost all types of ebooks on this site including fiction and non-fiction. There are even mods and games available on this site that can be downloaded for free.

A number of programs and apps available for Windows and Mac computers are also available here along with Linux software. If you’re looking for a torrent site to download free eBooks, 1337x should definitely be the first site you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I download pirated books for free?

You can download your favorite books from the sites mentioned above. Try the websites in the order they are present until you find the content you are looking for.

Is it safe to download eBooks from the sites mentioned above?

All the sites are relatively safe, however, using torrent sites is illegal in most parts of the world. Use VPN and always download using magnet links to stay safer. Also, do all of this at your own risk. Prefer to pay, if you are able to buy the books from their official sites.

Where can I find free college ebooks?

You can find free college books on the sites like Piratebay, ZLibrary, KickAss Torrents.

Is Library Genesis legal?

No, none of the torrent sites are legal to use. Use them at your own risk.


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We have come to the end of the article. In this article on 7 Best Torrent sites for eBooks, we talked about some awesome torrent sites to download free ebooks. These torrent sites will also help in downloading audiobooks and podcasts of your taste.

NOTE: Remember, we do not encourage the use of torrent sites for downloading content. We don’t support piracy. Hence, this is only an educational article on the best torrent sites for ebooks. Always buy your books to support the writer in good faith.

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