15+ Best VideoGrabby Alternatives in 2022

Have you been searching for the “Best Alternative to Videograbby” or must be worrying about VideoGrabby is not working what happened to VideoGrabby? VideoGrabby is the best software you will ever need to download videos from any platform online? Using this service, you can download videos from Twitter, Youtube, and any platform which has videos on it. It is free to use and this service also acts as a video converter that allows downloading videos in different formats. However, at times due to copyright issues, this service is blocked or stops working due to heavy load.

In this article, we will be talking about the 15 “Best VideoGrabby Alternatives“, which will compensate for the absence of VideoGrabby. All the services mentioned here are free to use and might show ads for offering their service. Let’s begin our article on alternatives to VideoGrabby.

List of 15+ Best Alternatives to VideoGrabby ✔

  1. VideoGrabber
  2. YTMP3
  3. Y2mate.com
  4. FastConv
  5. SaveFromNet
  6. YooDownload
  7. SaveMedia
  8. KeepVid
  9. Convert2mp3.tv
  10. Catchvideo.net
  11.  Youtube Multi Downloader Online 
  12. PickVideo
  13. Clip Converter io
  14. ShareTube
  15. Vidmate


First, on the list, we have, VideoGrabber. The name is quite similar to VideoGrabby. It does exactly what VideoGrabby does and much more. Apart from downloading content from different websites, it also has a video editor which helps a lot. The site allows to download videos in multiple qualities and also offers to download only MP3 as well of the video. All you need to avail of these services is the link to the video you want to edit and download.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives

The service also provides a launcher that will help you in recording your screen. Using this service you can download video from almost any video-sharing platform such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. All you gotta have is the link to the video.


YTMP3 is currently the most famous one of the Best VideoGrabby Alternatives and my personal favorite service that helps download videos and audios from various sites. It has really simple to use UI and serves very few ads. You need to paste the video link, waste it for few seconds, and then choose the quality in which you want to download your video. It also offers extracting of MP3 or audio from the video. This comes really handy when you simply want to hear a person speak without watching the actual video. You can also send the converted video to your DropBox folder but let’s be honest who uses that? Still, a feature is a feather to YTMP3’s hat.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives is YTMP3

One issue with this service is that it works only with Youtube videos. However, I highly doubt people will download videos from other sites. Do check out this site, if you download a lot of videos from Youtube. The support of this website is highly reliable, you can fill out the contact form and their staff will contact you regarding the issue you have.


Another website that works similar to YTMP3.com and is mostly used to download videos from Youtube and you can use this as a Best VideoGrabby Alternatives. However, this site has no limitation to downloading videos from selected platforms only. Using this tool, you can download videos from sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo.com, and others. It has a built-in search engine, you enter the name of your video and directly download it from there. This is what you won’t find in many other video downloaders including VideoGrabby.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives is Y2mate.com

It is a high-speed converter and works for free requiring no registration of any sort. The service also has a chrome extension and an android app. The extension when installed will prompt as soon it sees a video on any website you visit.


FastConv is short for Fast Convertor. The service does exactly what the name implies, it converts videos at a faster rate than any other service mentioned here in this article. Another best feature of this service is that it allows downloading videos at the max quality available. It even supports downloading quality up to 8K, which most of the services here lack.

Note: As you land on the website, you need to click on the top right corner, where it says, “Youtube Downloader”. This will redirect you to it’s video downloading service.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives is FastConv

The site by default takes you to an MP3 downloading service, this is what it is mainly meant for. You can also download audios in the highest quality possible. However, when it comes to downloading audio, you are offered only one format, which is MP3.


Next on the list, we have SaveFromNet. As the name implies, you can download and save videos from any site on the internet. It is the oldest service that allows downloading videos from various websites. It was launched in 2008. You can download videos from any site, including social media sites that block these kinds of services. There are 2 methods to download videos from, the first one is using the URL then pasting it in the dialogue box to download videos. In the second method, you can also append the extension of this site.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives SaveFromNet

Simply follow this format. Format- http://sfrom.net/http://youtube.com/watch?v=t7jbT1YhyQU This will redirect you to the SaveFromNet website and from there you can download the videos in your desired format. The thing that most users miss on this platform is the lack of downloading only audio. Another great feature is you can download videos without any audio also.


This is by far the best clean website that allows downloading videos and MP3. The website is super simple to use and also allows downloading from almost all the sites on the Internet. The service is free to use. Simply paste in the video link and hit download. It allows downloading videos in various qualities. You can also select and download videos from a long video. The site has a built-in editor which helps in cutting and downloading the videos. You also get to edit the name of the creator of album creator’s name.

Best VideoGrabby Alternatives YooDownload

The site runs on money earned through displaying ads. Users are requested not to use any adblocker if they want to support the site. Also, you can contact them via the support channel if you have any issue with the site.


Best VideoGrabby Alternatives SaveMedia

If you constantly download videos from 100s of websites around the internet, then this is the site for you. You can download videos from just any site. A limit is there to what this service offers. The site can only download audios from Youtube videos only. This site also supports video searching from the inside. The website is really fast in converting videos, however, the processing time for different sized videos might be different.


Best VideoGrabby alternatives KeepVid

The only legal website which allows downloading videos legally. Only if you use it for educational purposes only. The site offers to download videos for free. KeepVid supports both WebM and Mp3 formats. The site also has an extension for Chromium-based browsers and an android app to support smartphone users. The site is free to use serves no ads and the UI is very simple and clean. This makes using the site, even more, better and hassle-free.


Best Videograbby Alternatives Convert2MP3.tv

Next is Convert2MP3.tv. The site allows downloading videos and audio from Youtube. It is mainly made for Youtube only but works on few other platforms as well like vimeo.com, DailyMotion, etc The service is free to use. The site allows downloading videos of any quality you wish to. A very simple free to use the site, do check it out. Also this site has no limit when it comes to downloading videos, so if you want to constantly download videos using a script then this service’s API would be super useful.


Best Videograbby Alternatives CatchVideo.net

Another awesome video downloading service is CatchVideo.net It works in a similar way as the other alternatives mentioned here. It is free to use. Serves almost 0 ads. You can use this to download your favorite videos and also download only audio from your videos. Also, worth mentioning, the site has no quality limit on downloading videos. You can download videos of the highest quality possible. Do check out this service. Its uptime is also very good.

Youtube MultiDownloader Online

Best Videograbby Alternatives Youtube MultiDownloader Online

The next best alternative to VideoGrabby is a Youtube multi downloader online. The service works in a similar manner as the rest of the other websites. This service is also free to use and can be used to download videos from Youtube mainly. It also allows downloading MP3 from the videos. The servers of this downloading service are really fast and hence provide super-fast downloading speeds. Do check out this service and I hope you won’t be disappointed by this one.


Best Videograbby Alternatives PickVideo

Another service that works in a similar way. It helps in downloading videos from all sites including Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion, etc The site is free to use for all. The service is supported on all OS. The service is also present on android smartphones. Be sure you download the right app cause there are a lot of fake similar-looking apps found online. The site serves some ads so if you don’t like them use an ad blocker to save yourself from the obtrusive ads.

Clip Convertor io

new clip converter min

The site has no geological restriction. It can be used by users worldwide. The site provides videos in MP4 quality and audio in MP3 quality. You just need to paste the link of the video wait for the site to process the video then download it. You can use the built-in search engine to find videos. You can also upload videos from your PC to edit or convert and download them. The service is free of cost and available to everyone. There are no limits in converting videos or downloading audio or videos. Do try out this site once.


Best Videograbby Alternatives

A top-class video downloading and editing service 0ooffered online. This service helps in downloading videos from the internet from almost all websites and you can also edit the video after downloading it. You can cut off apart from the video and download it or download a part of the audio from the entire video. The service is simple to use and is really effective. It is free to use but serves a few ads on its platform. You can even download its mobile application but it doesn’t really work well there. You are warned about the fake sites which are present all over the internet.


Best Videograbby Alternatives

Last and least, this is one of the best alternatives to Videograbby. This is an android application that helps in downloading videos and audios from anywhere on the internet. It also has a built-in search engine to find movies and videos you wish to watch. The app was recently removed from the play store because it was found to be malicious. The app is safe or not we can’t guarantee it. But the app does what it promises, it lets you download any video or audio from almost anywhere.

You can search for the apk of this app online and download it from there. Please download it at your own risk and uninstall the app as soon as your work is done. The app is really a lifesaver when it comes to downloading videos from not-so-famous sites.

Conclusion ?

So this was a long but totally worthful article on 15+ best alternatives to videograbby. The list contains all the services which have been used and tested by me. The services worked great for me and a lot of other people. I hope the services mentioned here won’t disappoint you. One thing I would like to mention, Please use these sites on your own risk. Few of the sites/apps mentioned here may be malicious and trying to steal your data.

Use a VPN to use these sites to help save your location from getting tracked. Also, if you liked this article, make sure to share it with other people from your group. If you got any other sites that you use as an alternative, do mention them in the comments. Until then, keep reading.


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