10+ Best Places To Buy PC Games Online [70% Affordable]

We highly appreciate your decision to buy games rather than downloading them illegally or getting a cracked version of the game. When you buy a game, the money you spend helps people who are doing their daily job. As the company grows, employees get a salary. It’s better for all. You also get peace of mind when you legally get a copy of the game, that you will be safe from viruses and other miscreant code which might be present in the cracked versions.

With your super awesome decision, let’s move forward and in this article, we will be talking about Best Places to Buy PC games online. The websites mentioned in this article are all legit and will guarantee 100% safe and secure files. We have tried a few of them so we can they are really good.

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List Of 10 Best Places To Buy PC Games Online [Cheap]

  1. GOG (Good Old Games)
  2. Epic Games Store
  3. Steam
  4. Humble Bundle
  5. Origin
  6. Amazon
  7. Green Man Gaming
  8. UPlay
  9. G2A.com
  10. Directly from the Developer’s/Publisher’s site

GOG(Good Old Games)

Best places to buy PC games online

GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games was founded in 2008. It is a digital distribution company that distributes e-copies of the games. It is available in English, German, Polish, French, etc. It’s headquartered in Poland. It serves users worldwide. It is owned by CD Projekt. Games sold here are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The best part of the games offered here is, they come with NO DRM protection. This means any user can download and install the game as many times as they want and wherever they want to.

GOG regularly keeps updating old games to meet the system requirements of newer days. It is the Best place to buy PC games online.

EPIC Games Store

This has been recently launched two years back in 2018. This is the best place to buy PC games online for new and modern games. It is available for both Windows and macOS. It came into existence when Epic Games released their Fortnite, which was a super huge success in the gaming world. Epic Games delivers Fortnite and many other games through their proprietary portal, Epic Games Store. The CEO declared that they will be charging only 12% of the profit from the developer if they launch through this portal.

Best places to buy PC games online

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They provide games for cheap rates because they charge very little commission to the developers. They are also offering one free game each week to continuously lure in more players.

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This store doesn’t require any introduction. This is a one-stop, go-to solution to find all the games you want. The best place to buy pc games online and the most popular one is Steam. It is the most open-minded platform that allows developers to add just any game. The games range from terrible quality to awesome ones. You can purchase the game, see user ratings and read reviews of the players. You can directly launch the game from the store after downloading it. The store accepts most of the currencies.

Best places to buy PC games online

The platform has solid 95 million users monthly. It covers 18% of the total gaming deals around the world. This is the largest storehouse of games. It is available for most platforms including android and Linux.

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Humble Bundle

Another best place to buy PC games online is Humble Bundle. It is 11 years old and was found in 2010. It is headquartered in San Francisco. It is relatively a small company with only 60 employees in 2017. As the name suggests, the site offers games in bundles for really dirt cheap prices. Also, the site donates a portion of the profit to charity. So you see buying stuff rewards in many ways, you can support charity and enjoy games both at the same time.

Best places to buy PC games online

Whenever you make a purchase the site provides you with a game serial key which you can redeem at Steam or Epic Games Store. On buying a subscription to this site, you will be provided with a bundle of games each month. Few games are really good, while some may not be up to the mark but hey we shouldn’t complain when the company isn’t trying to make a profit.


Origin is owned by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2011. It’s available for all platforms excluding Linux. It contains all the games released and developed by EA. It also has other games but they are quite limited. The UI of this game store is really simple and easy to use. It is also a digital distributing company. Once purchased, a game can be downloaded as many times as you want and stays with you until eternity. The store has a profile section, chat section, friends section where people can make groups online, play together, and communicate with each other.

Best places to buy PC games online

The game store has inbuilt integration with Twitch for live streaming. However, recent news states that EA is going to shut down Origin and they are releasing a new desktop client for the EA Play service in the future. Don’t worry, games bought through this channel will always remain the same.


ciobulletin amazon cloud gaming

Everyone’s quite familiar with this app for day-to-day shopping. In addition to all the accessories that we buy from this site, we can buy game titles. We can order and get physical copies of the games too. As this quite a famous site, you will find almost all the games you are looking for, except the platform exclusive releases. The delivery of games is done through 3rd parties like Steam or Epic Games Store or any other gaming shop. It has more than 5000+ game collections on its site. Check out the site during sales to buy the games at even cheaper rates.

Green Man GamingGreen Man Gaming Free Games

It is another famous and one of the best places to buy PC games online. It is a British company that has over 660 gaming titles. It caters to 95% of the users who are from the outside UK. The developments brought in this store after rising to popularity are platforms to connect with others, read news and reviews of games, and also live streaming support for twitch with direct connectivity. It was launched in 2009, 12 years ago. This acts as a third-party key seller. They gain keys regarding games and they sell them to the users which are then delivered games through Steam and Epic Games Store.

best place to buy PC games online

There was a recent controversy that, Green Man Gaming started using illicit ways to obtain keys to meet the demand of its users. However, the company blatantly denied all the accusations. These third-party sellers offer games for really cheap prices, so always check these sites before buying directly from Steam or any other direct selling website.

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UPlay now has been renamed Ubisoft Connect. It is a dealer in digital copies of games, provides DRM rights, and also a platform for players to communicate with each other. It was released in 2009. It is available on all platforms from Android to Xbox, except Linux and macOS. It has some exclusive features and rewards for playing Ubisoft games. If you are doing so, you can receive additional rewards and unlock some extra goodies in your gameplay. Earn points and then redeem them for in-game goodies is the basic principle. It offers a subscription service that goes by the name, UPlay+.

Best places to buy PC games online

Using this subscription, you can access all the games in the catalogue and also will be one of the first to try out new and upcoming games on the platform. It is the cheapest game delivery service, cause for the subscription fee you can play any title for as long as the subscription is active. It is the cheapest place to buy PC games online.


Is G2A illegal?

G2A.com limited also known as G2A.com is a digital marketplace for games that sells games through redemption keys. The games are then fulfilled through third parties like Steam, Origin, other game stores. Apart from selling game serial keys, it also sells merchandise, prepaid activation codes, software, and electronics. Apart from all of this, G2A.com also gets into eSports tournaments and is a regular sponsor of some elite gaming teams like Team Atlantis, x-Com, etc. The company also released its payment gateway in 2015. It involved itself in developing games and took dive into the VR gaming industry too.

g2acom logo

However, some reviews on Quora state that this website is not legal and its transactions are also not legal. They run on the basis of buying and selling from and to the users. During this process, they sometimes tend to get the keys in illicit ways. This makes it quite dangerous, cause you never know when your rights over a key will be busted and all your rights seized. It would be better to try and use other platforms if they don’t work than come here.

Directly From the Developers

This should be the first and foremost move you ever make when buying games online. Many developers publish games on their own websites, which will benefit them in many ways. When you buy directly from their website, the entire amount goes to them. No profit cutting there. The developers get morale boost and they tend to work for longer durations and bring more improvements.

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Another advantage is that you will receive direct games and not mere keys to redeem on other websites. Many games are exclusive to their developer’s portals, such as Fortnite is to Epic Games Store, and many more.

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These are not the only websites in the world to trade for your online games. These are the 10 best places to buy games online. However, you can buy games at better rates and with ease of availability at a local shop or some other online store. Use a tool that will help you in finding where your game is available for the lowest price. Check out every site before buying any game to not miss any deals and also try to buy games during sales to get them for cheap rates.

However, you can use this website, Isthereanydeal.com to check whether any other site is offering a better deal than these 10 sites or not. Create an account, mark your favorite games and you will be notified when there are any deals for your games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cheap PC games online?

You can buy cheap games online from the stores recommended in this article. However, you are not limited to only these, do check out the Bonus section to know how to get the best deal.

Where can I buy PC games online in India?

The top three for India specifically are Steam, Green Man Gaming, and Origin. However, you can also buy games in local shops near you.

Which is the best website for PC games?

The question is subjective here. If you ask me, I would opt for the subscription process to enjoy each and every game out there, instead of buying limited ones and playing among them. So it totally depends on the type of user

What is the best website to buy Games?

The best website to buy games is Steam. Undoubtedly, totally reliable, supported by user reviews and quick support, easy to use interface, these all combine to make Steam the best website in the world to buy PC games from.


The article ends here, but not our support. If you have any questions regarding this article drop them down in the comments section and also ask us what we are playing. Hope this article on the 10 best places to buy PC games online helped you. If you found this article useful, do share it with your friends and help them grab some awesome deals and save some money.

Until then keep reading and don’t forget to checkout our other articles.


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