Coronavirus Vaccine. Fake or Real? [Isreal,Italy]

Coronavirus Vaccine. Fake or Real?

Coronavirus vaccine
Coronavirus vaccine


Since the outbreak of coronavirus on 31st December 2019,  the Chinese scientists have openly distributed the genome sequence of the new strain of the coronavirus family, COVID-19, to the rest of the world so that they with the scientists from other nations could together come up with a Coronavirus vaccine or medicine to the fatal disease

Immediately thereafter, scientists started working to find a treatment or a Coronavirus vaccine to the rescue of the people. Within 20 days a company named Medicago claimed to have found a Coronavirus vaccine to the disease using a completely new method, The Rapid Response Platform Method. Usually, a dead virus or an antigen of that kind is injected into the people so that their immune system could identify the new element and develop antibodies for protecting their system. This information is used later by the immune system when an actual virus attack occurs in the body and produces the respective antibodies for defending their system. But this method could take days, months or even years to fully start working.

Coronavirus vaccine

Unlike the venerable practice, Medicago used the rapid response platform method. It identified the antibodies that were being produced in the bodies of the actual patients fighting the disease and incorporated the codes or instructions of those antibodies into the DNA or RNA of the new patients so that their cells could develop the antibodies themselves and protect their system against the novel coronavirus. But this method is temporary and can be followed only until a new Coronavirus vaccine is created.

Has Israel got a cure for COVID-19 with the new Coronavirus vaccine?

Ever since then many medical companies, scientists and associations have claimed to have found a cure to the Nobel Coronavirus disease. The Israel scientists are one among them. On 27th February 2020, The Israel scientists claimed to have found a cure. They professed that they observed the coronavirus found in birds and found to be similar to the ones occurring to humans at present. Even the symptoms were found very close to the symptoms in birds. So they came up with a treatment for the birds which proved to be quite successful for the birds. They even claimed that the human version of the medicine could also be effective but to create that they would require 8-10 weeks followed by a 90-day test period to finally approve and pass the medicine to human safety.


So, does this mean that we have got a cure for the COVID-19 virus or we don’t need to be terrified any more?

The answer is simply NO.

The Coronavirus vaccine or the medicines that are created need to get a license or approval from FDA, Food and Drug Association, which is a long and enduring procedure that can take up to months to finally come into action. For that, they need to go through 3 phases.

In phase 1, the drug is tested on a group of 20-100 people followed by phase 2 where the drug is tested on a group of more than 100 people and finally phase 3 where it is tested on a group of 1000 people and above. If the drug(or Coronavirus vaccine) passes all three phases with minimum or zero side effects, then only the vaccine gets its license from the FDA to be used in the market. FDA assures that the vaccine it approves is not only safe and effective but also have zero or minimal side effects for human safety.

Coronavirus vaccine


Scientists assure that they will start testing and trying the Coronavirus vaccine or medicines created by other companies from the next month but again that is a long procedure for the Coronavirus vaccine to be available in the market as the trail and testing period may take some good 12-14 months to finally prove effective.

So until a Coronavirus vaccine or treatment is coming into action in full form in the market, the doctors are supporting the use of anti-viral medicines similar to the ones used in Ebola or HIV to cure the coronavirus patients. Though these anti-viral medicines can’t cure the COVID-19 disease but it can surely control its symptoms up to a certain extent. Till then it is better to use the prevention methods and be safe because we all know, “Prevention is better than cure“.

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