15 Best Easiest Programming Languages in the World [2022]

A programming language in today’s generation can really ace up one’s skill set and benefit you in the long run. Having said so programming languages can sometimes be nerve-breaking if not selected appropriately. So, here we bring to you the top easiest programming language in the world that are also currently trending in 2022.

The dream of getting into the IT industry can be really tough for both beginners and professionals seeking a shift in the domain. Learning a programming language can cover 50% of the path to your dream.

Considering each programming language has its own requirements and is meant to cover specific purposes, we have tried to cover possibly every programming language in the world in this article, whether be it for creating web pages, developing software, or solving complicated computer problems. So let’s find out what are the easiest and trending programming languages in the world based on their respective fields.

The Easiest Programming Language In The World

Before beginning with the easiest programming languages in the world that are trending in 2022, the first question that you should ask yourself is “What are you looking for in this article?” or “What motivated you to start learning a programming language?” or maybe simply “What is your goal?”, which will hence give you the answer of what field or domain you are interested in, i.e., web development, application, competitive programming, business, etc. 

easiest programming language

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Having known that, you may directly skip to respective fields or follow the article sequentially to find out what are the programming languages that are the easiest ones according to their respective fields that are trending in 2022.  

HTML-Hyper-Text Markup Language 

easiest programming languages in the world

Let’s begin with a language as primary as HTML which forms the basis of web development and is also one of the easiest programming language in the world, to begin with. Although HTML may not primarily be a coding language, it has it’s super easy and an important role to play if you want to develop web applications. 

HTML still forms the foundation or pillar of the web development industry even though we know that WordPress has taken over the industry lately. HTML is the backbone of web pages. One needs to understand the division tags and its use if one is planning to create websites before everything else. Editors like sublime can be really useful if one finds difficulties in the HTML codes.

HTML can be easily understood by even a 5th-grade student and many schools have even included HTML in their course curriculum. A basic keyboard and computer handling skills are enough to ace HTML at the first go and thus HTML one of the easiest programming language in the world currently. 

Places to learn: W3Schools


easiest programming languages in the world

HTML 5 as the name suggests is the upgraded or updated version of HTML and thus is one of the beginner level programming languages in the world to kick start your career with.

 HTML 5 is the latest, i.e, 5th version of HTML. It has the audio and video elements along with other form-improvements, attributes, and behaviours that make the language more diverse and helps create more powerful and amazing websites and applications.

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets

HTML forms the pillar or the building block of a website but CSS is the external touch of magic which makes the website look more fancy and attractive. By default, HTML does have many options available to customize the website or the webpage but the developer is then bound with some limited choices only. CSS gives the developer wider access and unlimited areas and opportunities to work on. A part of the website can be edited by defining classes that are exclusively done by the developer. It also makes it mobile-friendly as it allows responsiveness along with other endless opportunities including 2D and 3D transformations. 

easiest programming languages in the world

For users using WordPress, WordPress also has countless opportunities to provide. The most reliable and fascinating option is that it allows inserting additional codes into the theme or code that you desire. This is attainable by clicking on the customize button and selecting “Additional Text” from the left panel. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint


JavaScript is a web-based language and completely different from Java language. JS helps add functions to our website designs. The simple features of JavaScript and user-friendly codes make JavaScript one of the most accessible programming languages in the business world. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together form the front end of a website. Frontend defines how appealing the website is to the user in terms of looks and interaction. A good-looking website with proper user-friendly functions appeals to the customer more than a normal one. In other words, the front end supports a website as much as the backend does. 

easiest programming languages in the world

Below are the top  5 popular frameworks of JavaScript that are trending in 2022:

  1. Angular JS
  2. Node JS
  3. React JS
  4. jquery
  5. BootStrap

However, a basic knowledge of JavaScript is needed before starting with any of the above-mentioned frameworks. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint.

Next, let’s move on to the development part of a website that can be easily done using PHP.


easiest programming languages in the world

Having done with the appearance of a website, the next step that lies is handling the server-side of the website. Without a server-side, a website is always incomplete and useless. So, you can begin learning with the world’s biggest server-side language – PHP.

PHP handles the data,i.e., the functionalities that go on behind the website. It manages and controls the database and helps the user to access the same when he/she enters the data or someone logins into the website.

PHP is a free language and can support innumerable platforms and servers with absolutely no limitations which makes it friendly, feasible, and one of the easiest programming languages in the world. Even WordPress backend runs on PHP. The biggest social media platforms also use PHP in their backend. Facebook is one such example of it. This makes the language have a huge demand in the IT industry and developers with expertise in PHP are highly looked onto. PHP can also encrypt the data in the database which makes it secure and avoids data breach.  

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.


easiest programming languages in the world

PHP might be able to maintain the data but you would require more than that to fulfill all your requirements relating to your website. Thus languages like MySQL were developed to make the life of a developer easier in terms of fetching, entering, modifying, or deleting the data that the user inputs through the keyboard. 

This language helps achieve everything on the server-side that the programmer looks for. Hence this is super reliable and the goto language to have that amazing, creative website with super functionalities that the programmer always aims for. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, or E-Learning sites like Udemy, Coursera, etc.


ruby programming

Ruby is a language that helps create web apps. In fact, Ruby is one of the most elementary programming languages in the business world when it comes to creating such applications. Using Ruby’s framework, we can easily create high-end web apps. One such popular framework is Ruby On Rails which is basically a development framework. 

easiest programming languages in the world

Creating web apps is easier, cost-efficient, and helps fetch data from servers easily. But before beginning with Ruby, one must know “How Ruby actually works?”. Just like PHP or Python, Ruby is applied to the back-end of a server. It is one of those constituents that is used to complete the back-end of a website. Creating professional and complicated websites can be easily done using Ruby and its frame-work – ROR, which is in high demand in 2022. Moreover, the language is still underrated even though it is highly powerful. Gaining expertise in Ruby can be a game-changing moment if you want to stick your foot into the IT industry. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.


Every educational institute first begins teaching with either C or C++ to install the programming concepts in its students. Having said that you can definitely guess that C/C++ is one of the simplest and stable programming languages in the business world as of today. C/C++ fulfills basically industry requirements but has a relatively lesser role to play in the actual industry now. These languages form the basis of all other programming languages and every other programming language is made using their concepts.

easiest programming languages in the world

C++ is the upgraded version of C. C++ follows object-oriented concepts while C uses procedural concepts. Learning C and then following up with C++ can cover all the concepts of the programming world. Having done that, you can then easily move towards the industry-standard languages like Java or Python. 

C can be still used to create multiple types of databases but now that the OOP concept has proven its advantages over Procedural-oriented languages, it is actually of no use to code in C language anymore. However, C still remains to be the unofficial primary language taught throughout the world to ace the basic programming concepts. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.

You can also follow popular books by Yashwant Kanetkar for both C and C++.


easiest programming languages in the world

JAVA is an object-oriented language and is a widely-used programming language in the IT industry throughout the world. JAVA helps shorten the lengthy codes of C using libraries and packages along with built-in-functions and parameters which makes the task hassle-free.

In 2019, GitHub declared Java as the most popular programming language in the world having over 9 million Java developers worldwide. So, this language is in high trend currently and can fascinatingly help you in kick-starting your career once you ace it. Java has many advantages over C and thus has taken the IT industry by storm. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.


With the current technologies surrounding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Python has become the fastest-growing programming language in the world currently and is expected to take over Java in the near future. Though Java is still the fundamental language of the IT industry, Python has also taken a place in the market as such it is one of the official languages at Google along with C++ and JAVA. 

Python can do any task in a shorter duration than Java/C++. It’s relatively easier concepts and built-in library functions make every task achievable. However, the deeper one goes into the language, it may seem to be more complicated and thus requires strong logical concepts to understand the language properly. It is consequently counseled to acquire java before starting Python. 

easiest programming languages in the world

However, considering that modern technologies are taking over the industry lately, learning Python can be a star addition to your skill-set.

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.

You can also take the free course on Python- CS50,  from Harvard University by David J Malan.


C# was developed by Microsoft as a general-purpose language. It is used for creating web applications as well as building programs for the Windows environment with the help of.NET framework. It is the best-fitted language for game development. 

C# has many similarities to the Java language and behaves like an object-oriented language though it can support many other programming styles. C# can be rated as an average difficulty level language in terms of the easiest programming language in the world.  However, one may not find any difficulty reading and understanding the codes of C# even though that a programmer has to set up and run a compiler to build his programs. 

easiest programming language

Unity Game Engine is one such project that used C# in its development that allows programmers to build a game runnable on multiple platforms at once. 

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.

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easiest programming languages in the world
easiest programming language in the world

GO was created by Google and functions similarly to C but in a better way. Though GO is not quite common in the market at present, but depending on the reviews of the developer’s community one can tell easily that it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. GO has some additional features over C and you can anytime shift to GO without any confusion or extra training. 

Popular companies like Uber, Cloudflare, Soundcloud as well as streaming platforms like Twitch have used GO in their algorithm due to its sheer simplicity and freedom, and ease while creating lengthy codes

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.

If you already know C/C++, you can directly try your hands on GO and have the expertise level coding on your own. Or you can check the official site of GO here for more details. 


R was designed by Bell Laboratories using C.Fortrain and R itself. R is basically a project which consists of both R language and its environment. R is basically used for data analysis and data visualization. R can also b used to build web applications and write scripts to perform the specific task. If you are aspiring to become data scientists or love working with statistics and statistical data then R may be the perfect language, to begin with. 

R techbomb 1

However. It may not be the best language to start without prior knowledge of some programming language and thus can be rated as of average difficulty in terms of the easiest programming language in the world. Considering, that the bioinformatics sector of the industry mainly focuses on R language, it is also one of the trending languages of 2020.

Places to learn: E-learning sites like Udemy, Coursera are the best sources to have a grip on the language. You can also go through W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, or CodeAcademy as well.


If you have interests in ios-based applications and intend to develop some in the future, Swift is the perfect option for you. In fact, it is the only language that allows you to build an ios-based web application and is developed by Apple itself. 

easiest programming languages in the world
easiest programming language in the world

Swift provides a better and quality market and any developer or even a newbie and easily shift to C with no difficulty at all as it is easier than C itself. Also, iOs based applications developed using Swift require lesser codes and time. Moreover, it is a full-stack language that makes everything hassle-free. All these features make Swift one of the easiest programming language to get a job that is also currently trending in the market. 

Swift supports many frameworks that allow you to write codes for both front-end as well as the back-end. Some of these are:

  1. Kitura
  2. Tailor
  3. Vapor

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, Udemy, Coursera.


easiest programming languages in the world

Rust is a generic programming language built by the developers of the web browser firefox- Mozilla. It is based on C and C++ but is particular about how one interacts with the memory. This helps reduce bugs and vulnerabilities in the program and is highly advantageous to develop applications where safety and security are of utmost importance, for example, developing an operating system or an HTTP server. It improves the efficiency of the CSS engine and limits the access of data and memory to only those processes that are intended to. 

If you plan of starting with a domain that involves high risk and security management of the applications, Rust, being a system-level programming language, may be the perfect choice for you.

Places to learn: W3Schools, TutorialsPoint, and many other courses on  Udemy, Coursera.

What are the top 5 programming languages of the future?

Python, R, Swift, Go, Scala are the top programming languages which are going to take over the IT-industry in future.

Should I learn Java or Python?

If you’re an engineer or interested in developing applications, python should be your go-to language. Python is likely going to take over the industry sooner in the future, thanks to its vast diversity. However, learning python with no basic skills can get confusing and complicated.

What is the best programming language for web development?

Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, PHP are among some of the most common languages used by developers all over the world for web-development. Each language has it’s own advantages, hence knowing the basics of web-development is always recommendable to figure out which language to go with.

What are the top programming trends of 2020?

The coming years may witness huge change in technologies owing to our digitalization. Some technologies are going to take over owing to the ongoing trends. JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Rust, WebAssembly are going to stay for a longer run in the future.

Is Java the dying language?

Java is declared as the most used language by GitHub in 2019. Python is growing in the industry at a faster rate and hence people are relying on Java for the basics. Learning Java can always help get a grip of every other language.

Conclusion ?

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