Facebook Wants You to Read Articles Before Sharing

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Facebook has long had a misinformation problem. The social media platform is often ridiculed for it, but the company appears to be working on a new kind of safeguard. Facebook is running a new test that will ask users to read the articles before sharing them on the platform, according to a tweet from the company. This is similar in idea to Twitter’s implementation of a similar feature last year, asking people to read the articles before retweeting them.

With the new test, if a user is trying share a news article they see on Facebook, the app will ask the user to read the article before they share it. In this way, Facebook hopes, more people will read news articles and clarify all their data before sharing information on the website.

That said, the test won’t stop you from sharing either. In case you don’t want to read the article, or if you’ve already read it elsewhere, you can go ahead and skip the warnings in the message and just share the article on your feed as well.

The new test is not available to a large number of people at this time. In fact, a Facebook spokesperson reportedly said The edge what the company will be Implement the test in about 6% of Android users. That’s not a huge proportion of Facebook users by any means, but hopefully the test will expand to more users over time.

It is currently unclear how effective this test will be in curbing the spread of misinformation on the social media platform that has had multiple scandals, including the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal a few years ago. However, if the implementation of Twitter is any indication, the Facebook test should result in a slowdown of misinformation on the platform.

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