Google Announces Rs 135 Crore Funding to Help India Fight COVID-19

Google Announces Rs 135 Crore Funding to Help India Fight COVID 19 e1619418593447

Google has been adding features, information cards, and other options to help users cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as India suffers from one of the worst waves of COVID-19, the Mountain View giant has announced new funding of 135 million rupees for the country to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Google COVID-19 Help for India

The announcement came through a official blog post Recently. In the post, Sanjay Gupta, Vice President of Google India, writes that the new funding will provide hospitals with the supplies needed to help the growing number of COVID-19 patients in the country.

Now if you didn’t know, India is currently facing one of the worst waves of COVID-19 with over 2.5 billion new cases every day. Hospitals and medical centers are struggling to cope with the growing number of patients. They are running out of necessary supplies such as oxygen, ICU beds, and more. So overall, it’s a pretty helpless situation in the country in terms of the current crisis.

  • Grants for non-profit organizations

Given the situation, Google has promised funding of 135 million rupees (~ $ 18 million) for India to help COVID-19 patients. The funding includes two grants from the philanthropic wing of the software giant,, bringing the total to Rs 20 million (~ 2.6 million).

The first of the two grants is awarded to GiveIndia to provide cash assistance to families hardest hit by the pandemic. It will help them with daily expenses. The second grant has gone to UNICEF to provide necessary medical supplies, including oxygen and test kits in the country. Additionally, the funding includes Rs 3.7 million rupees (~ $ 500,000) in donations from more than 900 Google employees who have contributed to organizations helping underserved and high-risk communities.

  • Increased Ad Grants Assistance

In addition to these, the funding also includes increased Ad Grant support for public health information campaigns. The company, as we know, has been working with MyGov and the World Health Organization to bring the necessary information and facts about the current crisis on their applications and platforms, such as Search, Maps and Assistant.

Now, Google is increasing support with an additional 112 million rupees (~ $ 15 million) in Ad Grants for local health authorities and non-profit organizations for more language coverage options.

Google announces new funding of Rs 135 million for India
COVID-19 Vaccine Information on Search is Available in English and Eight Indian Languages ​​| Image: Google

Apart from these, the company is working to help users through its basic information products such as Search & Maps, YouTube, and Ads. Additionally, Google says it is working closely with organizations such as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support vaccine awareness initiatives in India.

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