Google Chrome Has a Price Tracking Tool on Android; Here’s How to Enable It

Google Chrome Has a Price Tracking Tool on Android Heres How to Enable It

After shutting down the Google Shopping app on Android earlier this month, Google is working on adding one of its key features: price tracking in Chrome. The feature was the first seen by SmartDroid and it exists behind a Chrome flag at the moment, although it is available by default for some users.

Enable Google Chrome Price Tracking Tool

Once available, Google Chrome notify you every time the price of a product drops in one of your open tabs. It’s available on the Chrome 90 stable channel. With that said, here’s how you can enable Chrome’s price tracking tool right now:

1. Open Google Chrome and head to chrome: // flags. Here, look for ‘Tab Grid Layout’. Alternatively, you can paste the following address into the Chrome address bar on your Android phone.


2. From the list of options, choose ‘Price notifications enabled’ and restart your browser.
enable Chrome pricing notifications

3. When I tried to enable the feature, it did not appear immediately after automatic reboot. If you have the same problem, make sure to manually close Chrome and reopen it.

4. To use the feature, open Chrome’s recent tab switch interface and tap the vertical three-dot menu at the top right. Now you will see a new option called Price Tracking. Tap it to enable price drop notification alerts.

price tracking tool interface

While it’s nice to see a price tracking tool built into Google Chrome, the current implementation requires you to keep the product listing tabs open. Unless you’re a tab hoarder, this feature doesn’t seem to be of any use. However, you can give this one a try to see if you find it good. In the meantime, if Amazon is your preferred shopping platform, you can also check out one of these Amazon price trackers to efficiently track price drops.

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