Google Chrome Now Lets You Create Links for Highlighted Text on a Webpage

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When we surf the web and find something interesting in an article or story, there are times when we want to share just that particular paragraph with someone instead of the full text. If you are someone who would like to use such a feature, Google Chrome 90 offers the ability to share a dedicated link for highlighted text on a web page.

The Mountain View giant recently released the Chrome 90 update with a new option to hide the Reading List, a new AV1 encoder, and more. Among these is another nifty feature that the software giant didn’t mention in the official changelog or blog post. However, it was recently shown by Google Chrome Engineering Director Adrienne Porter Felt via tweet, attached below.

New “Copy link to highlight” feature in Chrome

As you can see, in the Chrome 90 update, you will be able to copy highlighted text links to share with others. When the person you are sharing the link with opens it on their device, it will take them to the particular part of the source text that you highlighted. The selected text will be highlighted in yellow.

This is quite useful when you want to share a certain section of an article with someone to make your point. So with this feature, just highlight the section you want to share, select the new button “Copy link to highlight” that appears in the right mouse button options menu and share the link.

I tested it on the Canary version of Chrome with the Chrome 90 update and it worked perfectly fine for me. As you can see from the screenshots below, there is the new “Copy link to highlight” button included in the list of right click options.

Google copies the link to the highlighted text

So if you go to this link, you will find the section I selected to share, highlighted in yellow (screenshot below).

Google copies the link to the highlighted text

Google has reportedly been testing Chrome’s ability to share web pages with highlighted text since last year. The company reportedly released a Chrome extension called “Link to Text Snippet” to enable the option for users. However, with the Chrome 90 update, the company integrated the feature directly into its browser.


Now, the “Copy link to highlight” feature, according to Adrienne, will be rolled out gradually for users running the latest Chrome 90 update. However, if you are running the Chrome 90 update and don’t see the feature, you can manually enable it at through the Chrome: // copy-link-to-tex flagt Chrome flag.

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