Google Pay to Offer NFC-based Contactless UPI Payments in India Soon

Google Launches a Combined Payment Solution Called Google Pay

Since its launch in the country in 2017, Google Pay has become one of the most popular UPI payment applications in India. The application has more than 75 million users who carry out transactions, according to data available from May last year. This growth has been aided by the continued addition of useful new features within the app, including bill paying and recharging.

Now, Google is working to provide support for UPI contactless payments in the Google Pay app. The news comes from the folks at Android Police who saw the feature explained on Google’s support pages.

With this new feature, you will soon be able to simply touch your phone at payment terminals and complete your payments, without having to scan QR codes or enter contact numbers in your Google Pay app. Also, since the function will use UPI for transactions, you don’t need to change anything on your part. You can simply tap your phone on a compatible payment terminal (currently only PineLabs POS systems are supported), and your phone will start Google Pay automatically. You can then simply enter the amount to pay, followed by your UPI pin, to complete the payment.

Obviously, you will need to have a smartphone with an NFC chip inside it, and Google has a few more security standards as well. Right now, it appears that the feature will only be available on Android phones. Google says that your phone’s software must be Play Protect certified for the feature to work. Also, the feature may not work with phones running Android developer versions, custom ROMs, etc. this support page to view the compatibility requirements for the UPI over NFC function.

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