Google Phone App Gains Support for Caller ID Announcement

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Google’s native phone app got a lot of new features and functionality over the past year. However, one of the basic features that the Google Phone app lacked is the ability to announce caller IDs during an incoming call. So the Mountain View giant finally added the support caller id ad in the native Android dialer app.

The “Announce Caller ID” feature is rolling out for users after being in development for months. It was initially discovered in an APK teardown last year. Now Google has finally added it to the native dialer app on most Android devices. It works just as it sounds and announces the name or number of an incoming call on a user’s device.

This is a nifty addition for those who prefer to know who is calling them without looking at the call screen. Also, function is quite important for those with physical disabilities, such as vision problems. So overall, the feature aims to help users avoid unwanted calls without answering them.

The new “Caller ID Announcement” functionality now resides within the Settings options of the Google Phone app. However, it is disabled by default. However, you can open the Google Phone app, go to Settings, and activate it with a couple of taps.

Google phone app: Caller ID advertisement function is implemented

There are three options to choose from, including “Always”, “Only when wearing headphones” and “Never”. If you select the “Always” option, the caller identification numbers and the numbers of all calls will be announced, whether a headset is used or not, while the second and third options are self-explanatory.

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So if you are someone who would like to know who is calling you without looking at your Android phone, you may want to update the Google Phone app (Link) from Gogle Play Store right now.

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