Google Search Dark Mode for Desktops Rolling Out for Some Users

google search dark mode live

Almost everyone is obsessed with dark mode these days. Smartphone apps, websites and user interfaces are getting dark modes of different qualities. Now, it seems that Google is finally giving in (at least to some extent) and bringing dark mode to Google Search on desktops.

The report comes from social media consultant Matt Navarra, who tweeted screenshots of the new dark mode indicator on Google Search. It is unclear how wide this release is, or if it is a release of some kind. Google really likes A / B testing, especially with search, so it could be a limited test that the company is running for some users. In fact, Google was testing a similar dark mode for desktop search a few months ago. In a statement to Android police, a Google spokesperson said the company is “Always trying new ways to improve our experience for our users.”

That said, the reports on the feature’s appearance are quite widespread, so it seems like a limited implementation rather than a test. However, we were unable to access Google Search’s dark mode here in India so it could be a region specific implementation at this stage. In case you’re not willing to wait, you can check out these Chrome extensions for dark mode.

If the feature is enabled for you, you will see a message at the top of Google Search asking you to enable dark mode for your search results (see screenshot below). Additionally, you will also see a sun / moon icon next to your Google account image, which can serve as a quick switch to change modes in search.

dark mode google search
Courtesy Image: @Matt Navarra on Twitter

Based on the screenshots, the new dark mode in Search looks pretty good, and I hope I get a chance to check it out soon. Although I’m not one of most people who loves to keep dark mode on all the time, I do like to use dark mode at night.

google search dark theme enabled
Courtesy Image: @Matt Navarra on Twitter

Regardless, if you have access to dark mode on Google Search, please let us know what you think about it and how useful it is on your desktop. Also, if you love dark mode, you should definitely take a look at our dark mode t-shirt.

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