Google to Add Built-in Android TV Remote to Android Phones

Google to Add Built in Android TV Remote to Android

Last year, Google introduced Google TV, a great review for Android TV that you can extensively customize by following our best Google TV tips and tricks. Today at I / O 2021, Google has announced that it will finally let you use your Android phone as a TV remote control this year, thanks to a new built-in Android TV remote control.

Use Android Phone as a TV Remote

In addition to the flexibility to seamlessly use your phone as a remote, Google is solving a key problem with this feature: typing the input. Entering movie titles or even passwords is never convenient with the remote. With this integration, you can do it simply by typing from your phone.

“We’re making it easier to navigate your TV by creating remote control functions right on your Android phone, so you can watch your favorite show even if the actual remote control is missing. And when you need to type a complex movie title or password, you can save time and use your phone keypad to enter the text. “ He says the company.

Google has revealed the layout of the next feature: you get a touchpad-like area that you can use to navigate the TV interface along with dedicated volume keys, backspace key, and a home button. You can see how it works in the attached GIF below:

1. Android TV Remote

According to Google, the remote control built into Android phones will work instantly with more than 80 million devices with Android TV operating system including Google TV. Unfortunately, it is not available at this time. Google says it will launch the feature later this year.

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