Here’s how to customize the lock screen in iOS 16

Anyone who has an iPhone and has already managed to update to iOS 16 will be able to taste it Apple’s new operating system. But for those who have not yet had access to the new updates, the applications allow you to customize the functions of the lock screen, one of the main novelties of the latest Apple update.

the applications short flow Y lock flowavailable on the App Store, allows creating widgets on the lock screen very similar to iOS 16. This allows users to connect to preferred applications, such as Spotify or Netflix.

There are at least 25 apps in the official Apple store that perform similar functions within iOS 16. The app motivation that offers motivational phrases in English, claims to have had 500,000 downloads in one day. The app can be used on Apple devices running iOS 12 or higher.

Google is working on widgets that allow you to customize your smartphone’s lock screen. But for now, Android users will have to wait to see this new feature easily on their devices.

How to customize the lock screen

After installing one of the apps, go to “Settings”, scroll down to “Wallpaper” and click “Personalize”. To create your widgets, simply scroll to the bottom of the menu and find your chosen app and add your custom shortcut.

Up to four widgets are allowed on the lock screen. It doesn’t sound like much, but for quick access and without the need for a password or biometrics, it’s good to restrict the apps that can be opened.

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ShortFlow only allows you to create four widgets at a time, who needs to change shortcuts frequently, LockFlow may be a more resourceful option.

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