Hero Motocorp and Gogoro Partner to Build Battery-Swapping Network in India

Hero Motocorp partners with Gogoro feat.

Although the adoption of electric vehicles has been slow in India, the country is now making great strides in the sector. Following the move by electric car giant Tesla to enter the untapped market, we have seen companies like Ola and even Flipkart announce their plans to bring electric scooters to India. Now, India-based automaker Hero MotoCorp has partnered with Taiwanese electric scooter company Gogoro to bring the latter’s innovative battery-swap scooters to India. The strategic partnership also aims to create a network of battery exchange stations across the country.

According to Gogoro’s official blog post, the companies decided to come together to improve the landscape of electric scooters in India. Because, according Gogoro Founder and CEO Horace Luke “No other place on Earth has more people riding two-wheelers that burn fossil fuels than India.”

As a result, Hero MotoCorp and Gogoro plan to establish a joint venture in India. As part of the deal, Hero build Hero MotoCorp brand electric scooters based on Gogoro’s creative battery swap technology.

Now for the uninitiated, Gogoro was founded by two former HTC executives nearly a decade ago. Since then, the company has been developing electric scooters with user-swappable batteries inside.

This means that Gogoro owners, when their scooter runs out of battery, can go to one of the 2,000 battery exchange stations that are spread across Taiwan, the company’s home country. At these stations, owners can place the discharged battery in a charging base, which is no larger than a vending machine, and take out a fully charged battery to place on their scooter. So batteries are essentially a public good on Gogoro scooters.

Hero Motocorp partners with Gogoro

With this in mind, Hero, one of the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India, plans to introduce the first battery-replaceable scooters in the country.

In addition, the companies plan to build an extensive network of battery exchange stations in India to help the adoption of these scooters. Although we do not have a fixed deadline for the project, we expect both companies to start operating in India immediately.

“We are at a critical stage in the transformation of urban mobility and the evolution of smart cities. With more than 225 million gasoline powered two-wheelers in India, the need for smart and sustainable transportation and refueling is vital. “ Gogoro’s CEO said in a statement.

“The Hero-Gogoro partnership addresses these challenges and will leverage the strength of the Hero market and Gogoro’s industry-leading innovations to deliver smart vehicles and refueling with the exchange of batteries from the Gogoro network.” Luke added more.

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