10+ Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB [FREE]

Now you might be thinking why should you care about the best pc games under 500MB? I have got a gaming beast and an ethernet connection. Wait! You actually should care about the games on our list. Keep reading to know why.

In this article, we will be reliving the golden games we used to play in our childhood. In this article, we will be knowing about the 10 best highly compressed pc games which are under 500MB. The games are easy to play, and will not be resource-hungry either. We will be having some of the best games from our childhood which till today are playable and entertaining and will try and include few new titles.

The games mentioned here may be of more than a gigabyte in file size but after compressing them, the setup size goes down to 500MB or lesser Size. After installing, they make take up more space so please have some empty space on your PC.

List of 10 Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

  • IGI 2
  • Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
  • MotoGP
  • God Of War
  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
  • Among Us
  • GTA Vice City
  • Tekken 3
  • EA Sports Cricket 2004


IGI 2Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

IGI or I’m Going In is the most loved gaming series in the world. Chances are every gamer has played this game once in their lifetime. The series projects an army man, going into the camps of enemies and taking them out, one by one. That’s what the name implies, I’m Going In. He is deported to various campsites. He stealthily gains weapons, kills enemies, activates computer systems, breaks encryption and then leaves the site in full glory. He’s a one-man army. Throughout this game, you need to stay alert and stealth to not get into the enemies eyes or the next thing will be you are shot dead.

Though this game is too old, don’t underestimate its capability. It has all the features for you to keep engaged during the gameplay. One miss and you are dead. Do try this out, AGAIN! Relive those memories.

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Half Life 2: Lost Coast

Half Life 2: Lost Coast Best Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

Half Life 2 was the second most favourite game of the old era. Half Life was developed and released by Valve in 2004. Despite being 17 years old, the game still packs a punch. It is next in series of first-person shooting game. The game when released was a tutorial for developers to show them how graphics progress when you go up the levels. The protagonist of this game is destined to climb a cliff near the coast and destroy the artillery of the enemy. The player faces soldiers who are protecting the artillery, he also gets to destroy an attack helicopter using RPGs. The player is congratulated by a local fisherman after completing the game.

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The super engaging gameplay makes the game pure entertainment and fun. Do check out the game. The game has low-quality graphics, but it marked the beginning of advancing graphics on every level in 2004. This revolutionary gameplay makes us put this game second, on the list of 10 best highly compressed PC games under 500MB.


MotoGPBest Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

The good old bike racing game. It still brings a smile to my face when I play this game, and I am sure it will make you feel the same. For those who are unaware, this the by far the most famous and most lovable bike racing or motorsport game. It was developed by Namco and later released by Sony in 2000. The game was released for Windows. Sadly, you can’t play the exact game now until you have Windows XP or an earlier version of windows. However, you can test out simulations of the game and even run compatibility tests to make this game compatible with your version of Windows.

The game became super popular because of its graphics and in the game you can kick other players off their bikes. When you fall off the bike you get back to it and restart. Do check out this one of the best pc games under 500Mb in our list.

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God Of War

God Of WarBest Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB

The first edition of this game was released in 2005. Since then the game has become a fever among the new age gamers. The latest version of this game, the 2018 version was livestreamed more than a million minutes combining all the streaming platforms. The game is set up in an imaginary world, where the protagonist is super powerful and is on a mission to save his son from devils. As the level progresses, you are greeted by new enemies who are stronger. The game has awesome attacking and defending mechanisms and gameplay. Do check out this game.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 best highly compressed PC games

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 also known as NFS, is a popular car racing title. The game was developed and released by EA sports for Windows. The game has stunning graphics and has various tracks where you can play your game. In the game, you can be a fugitive and run from the police cars, whereas the police will be chasing you. In another scenario, you can be one of the police who will be chasing fugitives. Try to dodge the barrels and hurdles kept on the road and reach the finish line ASAP, cause you get caught, you get out. Definitely check out this masterpiece and tell us your feelings.

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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis best highly compressed PC games under 500Mb

Number 6 we have Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. The game is based in a world of zombies, where the humans are in a continuous fight with the zombies. The game was developed by Capcom and was later published in 1999 by PlayStation. 1999? Seriously? No joke, the game’s latest version is still super popular among gamers. The graphics quality and the challenging survival tasks make the game even more fun. The game is a pure simulation of humans in their world during Zombie Apocalypse. The weapons and ammo can be found throughout the city. Make sure to check out this game. Similar to God Of War this game is still very popular in the gaming world.

Among Us

Among Us compressed PC games

Alrighty, here we have a super new, super famous gaming title, which everyone has played till now if he/she is not living under the rock. The game has been released for Windows, Android and iPhone. The game is animated, features minimalistic graphics but the game plot is excessively addictive. The game consists of up to 10 players and a minimum of 4. In the game, up to 3 people are disguised as murderers. They slowly kill other teammates. They are supposed to this with complete stealth. If they are caught, they will be voted out by other players.

Non-murderer players are supposed to find the murderer before they eliminate everyone. They raise alarm and vote out the impostor. The game is super fun, do check it out.

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City best highly compressed PC games

Seeing quite friendly titles. Don’t you? Oh, how can we ignore these gems? New games are all cool and fun but the games from the 2000s to the 2010s are pure gems. This game doesn’t require any introduction. People are so familiar with this game that Tommy(the in-game character, if you didn’t know), now feels like a family member. The game has been played in every household and has an addicting charm to it. The game is endless, it is a mix of every other game. The game consists of shooting, clearing missions, killing people, rescuing someone. Basically, it’s all in one package.

You need to drive around the car and complete missions, OR you can simply drive around, run down some people, try to escape from the police and also use cheat codes to get super heavy vehicles and weapons such as tanks and UZI. The game was developed and published by Rockstar Games. The latest version of the game available now in GTA 5 and 6 is coming up shortly.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 best game under 500Mb

It is a dual combat game, where 2 fighters get down in different scenes and duel with each other. The last one standing wins the match. The game is developed by Namco, a Japanese company and was published by Sony. The game was first released in 1994. Tekken 3 was the third in this series. The game from here garnered mass popularity. With the advent of PlayStation and gaming controllers, the game became even more fun. The games have a lot of characters to choose from. The game has sold more than 8 million copies and has been a super hit.

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Definitely, check out this game. try to get your hand on the latest version to see even more realistic graphics. Thye kicking mechanisms and fighting styles are quite realistic.

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EA Sports Cricket 2004

EA Sports Cricket 2004 best games under 500Mb

For all those cricket lovers out there, this game is the best cricket simulation PC game ever released under 500MB. The game was developed and released by HB Studios and EA sports in 2004. This game was released to mark the international cricket world cup which took place in 2003. The game consists of all the international teams and all players in their original jerseys. You can modify your teams and choose the first runner up, wicketkeeper and umpires. The entire game is realistic and you use the keyboard to hit the ball or bowl the player. The gameplay and physics of the game are okayish but the game doesn’t lacklustre. Do check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Pc Games Under 500MB?

According to me, GTA Vice City is the best game under 500 MBs. The game consists of all other genres such as shooting, clearing missions, etc.

Which is the Best Site to Download highly compressed games under 500MB?

The games mentioned here are quite old and hence are available for free. You can download some of them from their official site or use the Ocean Of Games website to download them all.

Is Highly Compressed Game Safe to Download?

The highly compressed games are basically a super-compressed version of their actual setup file. Some files of size 20-100MB are pure malicious ones. Stay away from them and tryna download them from the official site.

Is Ocean Of Games Illegal?

Yes, it is. To download paid games for free makes it illegal. However, if you download already free games, then no problem.

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Our article on, 10 Best Highly Compressed PC games under 500MB has come to a stop. In this article, we told you about few hidden gems which got hidden due to the advent of newer games. Almost all the games mentioned here are free to download and play. The games are small in sizes and require very little resource to run on any PC, old or a gaming beast. Thanks for reading our article, hope you liked every bit of it. If you have any problems or have any other awesome title in your mind, drop them down in the comments and we will try to include them in our article.

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