How Big Is Bass Lake, Indiana?

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A census-designated place (CDP) named Bass Lake can be found in both the state of California and the North Bend townships of Starke County in the state of Indiana. At the time of the 2010 census, 1,195 people lived there. Bass Lake is the third largest natural lake in the state of Indiana, covering approximately 1,300 acres.

Are there lake houses for sale in Bass Lake Indiana?

At Bass Lake, there are about ten lakefront residences and ten lakefront lots and parcels available for purchase at any one time. The real estate market in Indiana for lakeside homes and lots is competitive and has little inventory in Bass Lake, which is located in that state. Typical list prices for properties in Bass Lake that are currently available are $262,000.

What is the average depth of a Bass Lake?

In the far northwestern part of Indiana, in Starke County, is where you’ll find Bass Lake. It covers an area of ​​11.3 square miles and is located just over 50 miles from the southern end of Lake Michigan. The depth of the lake, on average, measures around six feet, making it a fairly shallow body of water.

The state of Indiana is responsible for both fish stocking and management of this lake.

Can you swim in Bass Lake Indiana?

Bass Lake is a natural lake that encompasses 1,400 acres (570 ha) and can be found in the southeastern part of Starke County, Indiana. It is located about 5 miles southeast of Knox, Indiana. Recreational use of Bass Lake is quite common among a large number of people.

According to the results of a survey of the lake’s inhabitants, a significant number of people living around the lake enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and using personal watercraft.

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How many acres is Bass Lake on?

Bass Lake, Madera County, California

bass lake
surface area 472 ha (1,170 acres)
max. depth 30m (98ft)
Volume of water 56,100 dams3 (45,500 acre⋅ft)
surface elevation 1,027m (3,369ft)

How deep is Bass Lake in Indiana?

Biologists have been working tirelessly on Bass Lake for years in an attempt to restore the lake’s fish habitat, but historically the lake’s Achilles heel has been a lack of quality fish habitat. It is a very turbid and very shallow lake (the average depth is about 6 feet), whose main causes are the abundance of fertilizers and the absence of vegetation.

Can you swim in Bass Lake Indiana?

Bass Lake is the fourth largest natural lake in the state and can be found in the northwest corner of Indiana off of State Road 10. There are opportunities for swimming and wading, and there are shady sections of the beach for swimming. A bathhouse is a public place. building that has changing rooms, showers, and often vending machines.

Additionally, there is a campground, picnic spaces, and accessible shelter buildings for your use.

Is Bass Lake Indiana a man-made lake?

It may come as a surprise to learn that Bass Lake is actually a man-made creation. The lake was formed in 1901 when a stream that ran through the area was dammed to create a hydroelectric power station. Visitors to The Pines Resort enjoy some of the most stunning views in the area when they visit Bass Lake.

Who owns Bass Lake?

Largemouth bass were selected as the representative species, giving rise to the lake’s new nickname: Bass Lake. Construction of Bass Lake began in 1910 for the purpose of safeguarding downstream property. It is currently owned by Pacific Gas & Electric and is capable of producing 27 megawatts of power through a total of 5 power plants located downstream.

It has become a major tourist center as well as a place for recreational activities.

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Where is the best bass fishing in Indiana?

Despite the fact that there are plenty of lakes in Indiana where bass anglers can cast a line during the spring, the Indiana Department of Fish and Game has selected five spots that are nearly impossible to miss. These lakes include West Boggs Lake, Patoka Lake, Dogwood Lake, and Clear Lake, in addition to Monroe Reservoir.

Are there bears in Bass Lake?

Bass Lake, California Wildlife Sightings: Bears and Other Mammals Bears don’t usually get into physical conflict with people, but they can become aggressive if cubs are nearby or if they feel in danger. In addition to bobcats, coyotes, and mule deer, it’s not uncommon to see one of these animals in Bass Lake, California.

Is the water in Bass Lake clean?

The BestPlaces Annual Water Quality Index for the Bass Lake Region (zip code 93604) is 16, with 100 being the highest possible score. The median age in the United States is 55 years.

Does Bass Lake have a beach?

You have the option of eating in the restaurant while overlooking lovely Bass Lake or ordering takeout and finding a lakeside spot where you can spread out a picnic blanket and watch the sun set over Bass Lake while enjoying a meal. There’s a lot of alpine glow!

What fish are in Bass Lake Indiana?

Beautiful walleye, channel catfish, white bass, and white crappie can be found in the shallows of this lake.

Is Bass Lake in Indiana spring-fed?

The springs that feed Bass Lake make it the fourth largest natural lake in the state of Indiana.

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Can you boat on Bass Lake Indiana?

A- Yes. In order to boat on Bass Lake, each boat is required to have a current state registration plate permanently mounted on both the starboard and port sides of the boat at all times.


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