How do I find my WWN number in Linux?

How do I find my WWN number in Linux?

HBA card wwn number can be manually identified by filtering the associated files under the “/sys” file system. The files under sysfs provide information about devices, kernel modules, filesystems, and other kernel components, which are typically mounted automatically by the system at /sys.

How do I find the WWN in Linux?

Here is a solution to find WWN number of HBA and scan the FC Luns.

  1. Identify the number of HBA adapters.
  2. To get the WWNN (World Wide Node Number) of HBA or FC card in Linux.
  3. To get the WWPN (World Wide Port Number) of HBA or FC card in Linux.
  4. Scan the newly added or rescan the existing LUNs in Linux.

How do I find my HBA WWN number in Linux?

We can use lspci command to find the FC HBA adapter details first. lspci is a utility for displaying information about PCI buses in the system and devices connected to them.

Where is HBA details in Linux?


You probably will find your HBA module in /etc/modprobe. conf. There you can identify with “modinfo” if the module is for QLOGIC or EMULEX. Then use SanSurfer (qlogic) or HBA Anywhere (emulex) to obtain detailed and accurate information.

How do I get Wwpn in Linux?

To locate the WWPN without restarting the host, you can use any of the following methods: For QLogic or Emulex adapters, you can find the WWPN in the /proc/scsi/ adapter_type / n directorywhere adapter_type is the host adapter type and n is the host adapter number for your card.

How do I find my WWN number?

Finding a WWN on a Windows host

  1. Verify that the Fiber Channel adapters and device drivers are installed.
  2. Log on to the Windows host with administrator access.
  3. Go to the LightPulse Utility to open the LightPulse Utility window. …
  4. On the LightPulse Utility window, verify that any installed adapters appear in the tree.

What is the WWN number?

A WWN is a number that is hard-coded into network storage devices, such as fiber channels and advanced technology attachments (ATA). To simplify, a WWN is like a MAC address but for network storage devices.

How do I find my WWN Datastore number?

2. How to find HBA WWN via ESXi Shell / CLI:

  1. Connect to ESXi shell either via putty/SSH or DCUI (Direct Console User Interface) / server console.
  2. Run ‘ls /proc/scsi/’ and check the folder names: …
  3. Look for a folder like ‘qla2xxx’ – QLogic HBA, ‘lpfc820’ – Emulex HBA, ‘bnx2i” – Brocade HBA;
  4. Run ‘ls /proc/scsi/qla2xxx’.

How do I rescan HBA in Linux?

To scan new LUNs online, complete the following steps:

  1. Update the HBA driver by installing or updating the files sg3_utils-*. …
  2. Ensure that DMMP is enabled.
  3. Ensure that the LUNS that need to be expanded are not mounted and are not used by applications.
  4. Run sh -r .
  5. Run multipath -F .
  6. Run multipath .

What is HBA in Linux?

Fiber Channel (FC) host bus adapters(HBA) are interface cards that connects the host system to a fiber channel network or devices. The two major manufacturers of FC HBAs are QLogic and Emulex and the drivers for many HBAs are distributed in-box with the Operating Systems.

How do I find the HBA driver version in Linux?

Question : How To Check FC Brocade HBA Firmware in linux? Answer : You can use the “systool” command or else the file “/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/firmware_version” to check the firmware version of your Brocade FC HBA.

How do I find my HBA details in Windows?


  1. Open the Computer Management window. for …
  2. Double-click Device Manager. A list of installed devices displays. …
  3. Expand Storage controllers and double-click the appropriate HBA. The Properties dialog box for the HBA is displayed.
  4. Click Driver. …
  5. Obtain the latest supported version from the Emulex or QLogic website.


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