How do I get a traditional Start menu in Windows 10?

How do I get a traditional Start menu in Windows 10?

How do I change the Windows start menu to the classic menu?

To make changes to your Classic Shell Start menu:

  1. Open the Start menu by pressing Win or clicking the Start button. …
  2. Click Programs, select Classic Shell, and then Start Menu Settings.
  3. Click the Start Menu Style tab and make the changes you want.

Is there a classic view in Windows 10?

Simply access the classic personalization window

Right-clicking on the Windows 10 desktop and selecting Personalize will bring you to the new Personalization section in PC Settings by default. … Double click this icon to access the classic personalization window in the control panel.

How do I get the classic view in the Windows 10 control panel?

Whether you’re using Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, there is a on the right side of the Control Panel View By drop-down list with several values ​​available for selection. Click or tap the arrow next to it and choose how you want the Control Panel to appear.

How do I change the start menu in Windows 10?

Go to Settings> Personalization> Start. Scroll all the way down on the right and click the “Select which folders appear on startup” link. Select the folders you want to appear in the Start menu. And here you can see side by side what these new folders look like as icons and in the expanded view.

How do I fix the Windows start menu?

How to fix Windows 10 Start menu not opening

  1. Sign out of your Microsoft account. …
  2. Restart Windows Explorer. …
  3. Check for Windows Updates. …
  4. Check for damaged system files. …
  5. Delete temporary Cortana files. …
  6. Uninstall or repair Dropbox.

How do I switch back to Windows on my desktop?

How to get to the desktop in Windows 10

  1. Click the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It looks like a little rectangle next to your notification icon. …
  2. Right click on the system tray. …
  3. Choose Show Desktop from the menu.
  4. Press Windows Key + D to switch back and forth from the desktop.

How can I make Windows 10 look normal?


  1. Click or tap the Start button.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Click or tap on “System”
  4. Scroll all the way down on the left side of the screen until you see “Tablet Mode”.
  5. Make sure the switch is turned off as per your preference.

How do I change the control panel to classic view?

Click the start icon and type “Control Panel” and hit Enter or just click your Control Panel option. 2. Change the view to using the “View By” option at the top right of the window. Change it from category to large all small symbols.

How do I get to the Classic Control Panel?

Access to the classic control panel

So far, that’s the only workaround I’ve seen. To get to the old control panel, Just press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Where is the control panel under Win 10?

Press Windows + X or right-tap the lower left corner to open the quick access menu, then select Control Panel from within. Way 3: go to Control Panel via the settings panel.

Does Windows 10 have a control panel?

Press the Windows logo on your keyboard or click the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen to open the Start menu. There, Search for “Control Panel”. ”Once it appears in the search results, just click the icon.

How do I add something to my start menu?

Press the Start button and then click on the words All Apps in the lower left corner of the menu. The Start menu contains an alphabetical list of all of your installed apps and programs. Right-click the item you want to appear on the Start menu. Then select Pin to Start. Repeat the process until you have added all the items you want.


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