How Far Is Kansas City From The Ozarks?

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There is a distance of 176 miles that separates Kansas City and the Ozarks. The road trip covers a total of 226.8 miles. Without a vehicle, what are my options for getting from Kansas City to the Ozarks? It will take you 5 hours and 5 minutes and cost between $120 and $180 to take a bus and a taxi to travel from Kansas City to the Ozarks if you don’t have a car.

How far is Kansas City from Lake Ozarks?

Distance from Kansas City, Missouri to the Lake of the Ozarks The Lake of the Ozarks is about 146 miles away from Kansas City, which is about a 2.5-hour drive. You can get to US-65 South from Kansas City North by taking Interstate 70.

Is the Ozark near Kansas City?

Driving from Kansas City, Missouri to Ozark, Missouri covers a total distance of 184 miles, which is equivalent to 296 kilometers.

How far is Kansas from the Ozarks?

There are 163 miles between Kansas City and the Ozark. The driving distance is around 185 miles.

How far is Branson from Ozark?

Driving from Ozark, Missouri to Branson, Missouri covers a distance of approximately 45 kilometers or 28 miles. The first stop on your trip will be Ozark, Missouri.

What’s so special about the Ozarks?

UNIQUE GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES OF THE OZARK MOUNTAINS The Ozark region is noted for its abundance of springs, waterfalls, lakes, caves, caverns, and sinkholes (also known as karst landforms) (also known as karst landforms). In addition, there are several built sites, such as the Lake of the Ozarks.

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Which is better Branson or Lake of the Ozarks?

I would recommend traveling to the Branson region if you like to go to shows or theme parks. Table Rock Lake is more beautiful and has a more relaxed atmosphere than any of the other lakes (but has gotten much busier in recent years). The Lake of the Ozarks is known for its lively and festive atmosphere.

Where is Ozark filmed?

Although it took place in Missouri, most of the popular series were shot in Georgia. The Ozark has shed light on the crown jewel of Missouri, which is a lake that has a longer shoreline than California and is a popular destination for people from the Midwest during the hot summer months.

How far is it from Chicago to Ozarks?

It is true that there is a 525-mile gap between Chicago and the Ozark when traveling by car. Driving time from Chicago to Ozark is approximately 8 hours and 44 minutes.

Where is the Ozark?

The largest geological region in the Ozarks is known as the Salem Plateau and is named after the city of Salem, Missouri. The Springfield Plateau is the second largest and was named after the city of Springfield, Missouri, which is sometimes referred to as the ″Queen City of the Ozarks″.

Country USA
state Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

How far is it from Knoxville to Ozarks?

412 miles / 663 kilometers

City: Round trip, one way
Check in:
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Are there sharks in the Lake Ozark?

Is it true that the Lake of the Ozarks is home to sharks? However, damming a river makes it extremely unlikely that a shark will reach the Lake of the Ozarks. The chance of a shark reaching the lake is almost non-existent as a result of the river being dammed.

Where do the Ozarks begin and end?

The Ozark Mountains, also known as the Ozark Plateau, are a set of densely forested highlands in the south-central United States. They extend west from St. Louis, Missouri, to the Arkansas River.

What is the closest large city to Branson, MO?

  1. Major cities near Branson, Missouri Tulsa, Oklahoma, 158 miles away
  2. 186 miles to Kansas City, Missouri
  3. 204 miles to Memphis, Tennessee
  4. 216 miles to St. Louis, MO
  5. Wichita, Kansas is located 239 miles away
  6. It’s 252 miles between here and Oklahoma City, OK.
  7. 316 miles to Plano, Texas
  8. 200 miles from Garland, Texas


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