How Much Are Kansas City Royals Tickets?

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Kansas City Royals Ticket Prices

Season Location Average ticket price
2021 Kauffman Stadium $49
2020 Kauffman Stadium $82
2019 Kauffman Stadium $36
2019 Charles Schwab Field Omaha $49

How can I get cheap tickets to a KC Royals game?

CheapTickets offers tickets at prices to accommodate fans of various financial means who want to catch the Kansas City Royals game. You can purchase tickets to see the Kansas City Royals play right now for as little as $6 each right here on our website. Where exactly are the main locations to see at Kauffman Stadium?

Where do the Kansas City Royals play?

Kauffman Stadium can be found at 1 Royal Way in Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Royals play their home games there. The gates of Kauffman Stadium first opened in 1973 and the venue has a capacity of 37,903 spectators. Become one of them by buying your Royals tickets on StubHub as soon as possible. How much are tickets to see the Kansas City Royals play?

What division do the Royals play in?

The Kansas City Royals are one of the most dominant teams in Major League Baseball and compete in the American League Central division. The Kansas City Royals are based in Kansas City, Missouri. Due to Kansas City’s long and storied sports tradition, ″the K″ regularly hosts packed crowds for sporting events.

How much are Salvador Perez World Series tickets?

Catcher Salvador Pérez was the Most Valuable Player of the World Series. How much are tickets to see the Kansas City Royals? The cost of Royals tickets sold on the secondary market is subject to change based on a variety of variables. Tickets to see the Royals can typically be purchased for as little as $18.00, with prices typically ranging from $40 to $50.00.

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How much are Kansas City Royals 2021 tickets?

Ticket prices can range from $7 to $76 for a Kansas City Royals game, depending on the opponent, but in general, you can expect to find tickets starting at around $7 and averaging $76 per person.

Are the Royals selling tickets for just one game?

— Tickets for the individual games of the Kansas City Royals’ 2022 season will go on sale Friday as planned, the team confirmed, despite a growing likelihood that the start of the season will be postponed. Tickets for the individual matches will be on sale on Friday, February 5.

Can you buy tickets for the Royals at the door?

On Royal Way, next to the entrance at Home Plate Gate C, you’ll find the main Royals Box Office (see). In addition, there are ticket booths located near the following entrances: First Base Gate D Entrance (see), Right Field Gate E Entrance (see), Third Base Gate B Entrance (see), and from gate A to left field (see).

Can you buy tickets for the Royals at the door?

Crown Club ticket holders (Sections 1-6) are the only ones allowed to enter Gate C two hours earlier. Tickets for ADMISSION can be purchased by phone by calling 800-6ROYALS or online through the official Royals website.

Does a 2 year old need a ticket to a Royals game?

Kansas City Royals Children under 32 inches tall and not requiring a ticket may enter Kauffman Stadium. On the other hand, they are required to sit on the lap of an adult who is present.

Do kids need tickets to Royals games?

Child Admission Kauffman Stadium eliminates the need for children under 32 inches in height to have a ticket to enter the home of Kansas City Royals games. On the other hand, they are required to sit on the lap of an adult who is present. Strollers that fold must be stored under your seat, and you can check them out at any of the Guest Services offices.

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Where are the best seats at Kauffman Stadium?

The areas behind home plate, including the Diamond Club and the BATS Club, are where you’ll find the best seats to watch a Kansas City Royals game. Field Level seats in the infield (sections 118-137) are also fantastic alternatives, and if the Royals underperform again this season, tickets should be reasonably priced.

Do you have to pay to park at Kauffman Stadium?

I’m on my way to see the Royals play. Let’s be honest: There aren’t many free parking options in the area around Kauffman Stadium.

What time do Royals tickets go on sale?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This season, the Kansas City Royals are ready to greet fans as they arrive at Kauffman Stadium to watch their team play. Tickets for the individual matches will go on sale on Wednesday, March 24 at 10:00 a.m.

How much does it cost to park at Royals stadium?

The standard rate for parking is $20, although there are also options available for reserved parking at $30 and oversized vehicle parking at $40. The Royals strongly encourage fans to purchase tickets in advance; however, cash purchase alternatives are available at gates 3, 4, 5, and 6. Cash payments are accepted and fees are as follows: $30 for public parking, $40 for reserved parking, and $50 for large car parking .

Can food be brought into Kauffman Stadium?

FOOD AND DRINK. WHAT CAN YOU BRING? Inside Kauffman Stadium, you are not allowed to bring any items that have a hard-sided cooler, alcoholic beverages, or any non-transparent liquid containers, including reusable water bottles. to transport foods that appear to be in individual portions as long as they are contained in a clear plastic bag no larger than one gallon.

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Can you continue at Kauffman Stadium?

There will be no change in the policy on close monitoring; however, fans can only follow people who are also at their ticket booth, and must remain in the area behind their car to preserve social distance between different groups.

Can you watch Royals batting practice?

If the weather is good, this option is available for certain games that start in the afternoon (6:10 pm and 7:10 pm) and on Saturdays for games that start in the afternoon (3:10 pm). Early Bird visitors can watch batting practice in sections 101-125 and 206-225 of the stadium.

Does Kauffman Stadium accept cash?

This season, Kauffman Stadium will no longer accept cash payments. This is done to reduce the amount of interaction with workers and spectators. Those who only have cash will be able to use the ″reverse ATMs″ that have been enabled in the stadium.

Can you get a refund on Royals tickets?

Processing, shipping and handling fees paid for individual series are non-refundable. Tickets that have been purchased cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded, with the exception of tickets for games that have not yet been played.


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