How Much Does It Cost To Go To Indiana Beach?

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The price of admission for a full day is usually as follows: $39.99 for adults over 48 inches, $29.99 for children under 48 inches, and $19.99 for those 60 and over. Free admission will be provided to all toddlers and children under the age of two. Season ticket prices in 2020 were set at $54.99.

Do you have to pay to walk around Indiana Beach?

Day passes are $39.99 for those over 48 inches tall and $24.99 for those under 48 inches tall. They can be saved by shopping online, as well as for seniors and members of the armed forces.

Is Indiana Beach closed?

After 94 years in business, on February 18, 2020, Indiana Beach made the shocking announcement that it would be closing its doors for good, with no intention of returning under any circumstances. Apex Parks Group cited financial problems as the reason for the park’s closure. They also stated that they had ‘tried tirelessly’ to find a new buyer for the park, but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

Does Indiana Beach have free drinks?

Per Park Rules, visitors are not allowed to bring their own food, drinks, or coolers. To maintain a clean and safe environment, the park and parking lots do not allow barbecues or picnics. The Indiana Beach facility does not allow smoking of any kind. On the boardwalk and in the intermediate sections, smoking, chewing tobacco, and the use of electronic cigarettes are not permitted; these activities are only allowed in the specified places.

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Is Indiana Beach open again?

New rides and other improvements have been added since the reopening of Indiana Beach.

Is the beach in Indiana safe?

Is it dangerous to go to Indiana Beach, IN? The B+ rating indicates a lower crime rate compared to the typical city in the United States. In terms of public health and safety, Indiana Beach is ranked in the 74th percentile, indicating that only 26 percent of cities are safer and 74 percent of cities are riskier. Only the appropriate boundaries of Indiana Beach are considered in this investigation.

What time do attractions open in Indiana Beach?

The Indiana Beach amusement park will be open from 11 am to 8 pm on opening day. WOW!

Who owns Indiana Beach now?

On Friday, June 26, 2020, in Monticello, 94-year-old Indiana Beach amusement park guests rush to the entrance as the park formally reopened after a brief ceremony with new owner Gene Staples. The event took place on the park’s first day under Staples ownership.

Does Indiana Beach have a beach?

Indiana Beach, which is over 400 acres and situated on picturesque Shafer Lake in Monticello, Indiana, benefits from a central location between Chicago and Indianapolis. In addition to our rapidly developing amusement park, we also have a beach, water park, and two separate campgrounds for our guests to choose from.

Does Indiana Beach have a lazy river?

The establishment will reopen in 2020 under new ownership. One of the activities and entertainment options available on the Indiana Beach boardwalk is a small water park. The water park is home to six different water slides, a quarter-mile lazy river, and Indiana Beach’s first sandy beach swimming area.

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Does Indiana Beach allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed on all of the park’s beaches, with the exception of the West Beach bathing area. Be sure to take Fido to the Visitor Center before you leave so he can be officially recognized as a BARK Ranger for the National Park Service!

What’s new in Indiana Beach?

The Polyps, a scrambler-like roller coaster previously found at amusement parks in Illinois and Georgia, is one of the new attractions. The other ride is called Anton Schwarzkopf’s Dreier Looping Coaster, and it’s a huge roller coaster that has three loops. The colors of the attraction are red and yellow.

Why is Indiana Beach closing?

The current owner of Indiana Beach, which is located in California, and Apex Parks Group announced that they would close the park in February due to financial concerns. On April 8, they filed their Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. However, Indiana Beach will have another chance at life.

Did Indiana Beach get new attractions?

MONTICELLO — Indiana Beach is expanding its amusement and water park with the addition of two new attractions. On Tuesday, the news was released by the park through its various social media platforms.


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