How Much Is Rent In Louisiana?

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As you might anticipate, the number of bedrooms in a unit is directly related to the median rental price in Louisiana, and this correlation grows as the number of bedrooms in the unit increases. The lowest priced rental unit in Louisiana is a studio, which costs $1,050 a month, while a four-bedroom house would set you back $1,500 a month.

How much does it cost to rent a house in Louisiana?

The typical monthly payment on a house in Louisiana is $1,902. There are a total of 171 properties available for rent in the state of Louisiana on Point2, with monthly rents ranging from $145 to $10,000. How to search properties available for rent in the state of Louisiana

What is the cost of living in Louisiana?

The total cost of living in Louisiana is 95.5. The cost of housing is the main driver of the disparity in general living expenses. In Louisiana, buying a home will cost you an average of $143,600.

What is the vacancy rate for rentals in Louisiana?

The percentage of available housing units that are now vacant is called the rental vacancy rate.3 According to statistics provided by the Census ACS, the rate of vacant rental units in Louisiana in 2019 was 8.34 percent. The percentage of vacant rental units in Louisiana reached a high point of 8.98 percent in 2010. Since then, it has dropped 0.64 percentage points, landing at 8.34 percent. 2005 was the year the initial data records for this series were collected. additional story

Where can I find apartments for rent in Louisiana?

Over a million apartments are now for rent on, making it the apartment search site with the largest inventory overall. is a trusted resource for locating your next rental home in Louisiana.

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What is the cost of living in Louisiana?

Our cost of living indices are calculated using a US average of 100. If the number is less than 100, it indicates that the cost of living in Louisiana is lower than the national average. 86.9 is the cost of living index in Louisiana.

Grocery store 92.7 100
Health 93.9 100
Accommodation 62.1 100
median cost of housing $189,200 $291,700

Is it cheap to live in Louisiana?

Where exactly in Louisiana can you find the lowest cost of living? This small town in the middle of Louisiana is said to have the lowest cost of living in the entire state of Louisiana, reports HomeSnacks. The median salary is $32,538, while typical rent can be found at $444 and median property value can be found at $69,400.

How much do you pay for rent in Los Angeles?

As of January 2020, the median monthly rent for an apartment in Los Angeles was $2,545, almost exactly double the national average of $1,463. Monthly rates in some particularly trendy districts in Los Angeles are consistently among the highest in the country. Playa Vista ($3,415) and Venice ($3,203) are included in this category.

Which state has the lowest monthly rent?

The state of Mississippi has some of the most affordable home prices in the country. The median price of a single-family home in Mississippi is $140,818 and the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $777. Additionally, the state of Mississippi has the cheapest transportation overhead in the country.

What is the minimum wage in Louisiana?

By: JC Canicosa – April 28, 2022, 5:41 p.m. On Thursday, Republicans in a legislative committee defeated three pieces of legislation that would have raised the minimum wage for employees in Louisiana from $7.25, which is tied for the lowest in the US with six other states.

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Is Louisiana a good place to live?

Is it a good idea to make your home in the state of Louisiana? Due to its active culture, affordable cost of living, and pleasant year-round climate, Louisiana is an excellent state to establish permanent residence. winter tends to stay in the 70s and 80s, you can ride around in shorts and not worry about having to shovel snow first thing in the morning.

Which state has the lowest cost of living?

Mississippi. The state of Mississippi has the cheapest cost of living in the country, according to a recent study. Compared to the national average, the cost of living index in this area is 83.3, indicating that overall costs are about 17% lower. The cost of housing in Mississippi is the lowest anywhere in the country.

Is Louisiana cheaper than Texas?

The cost of living in Louisiana is 2.3% higher than in Texas.

Where is the cheapest place to live?

  1. According to the Cost of Living study compiled by the Council for Community and Economic Research, the following are the 10 most affordable cities to call home in the United States. The city of Cedar Park in Texas
  2. Midland, Texas
  3. [and]
  4. Odden, Utah
  5. City and County of Raleigh, North Carolina
  6. Provo, Utah
  7. The city of Des Moines, Iowa
  8. Capital of Texas, Austin
  9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

How much does it cost to rent a house in the US per month?

The national average monthly rental cost is around $1,231, but the median rent in these cheaper regions is almost half that amount.

Why is the rent so high?

In other words, there is more demand than supply. As the epidemic continues, more and more people are looking for private areas where they can be alone. Rents are going up across the country.

How much do I need to earn to live in Los Angeles?

A decent rule of thumb is to spend no more than 30 percent of your gross monthly income on rent. This will ensure that you have sufficient funds for all of your financial obligations. For example, to comfortably buy a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, you must have an annual income of $70,240, which works out to $5,854 a month.

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Where can I live for $500 a month in America?

  1. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s what you can get for $500 a month at 10 places in the US that are considered affordable: Greenville, OH. Listing: Wayne Crossing.
  2. Wichita, KS. Eagle Creek appears here.
  3. Lawton, Oklahoma apartments at Sheridan Square are ready to list.
  4. Amarillo, Texas.
  5. Indianapolis, IN.
  6. Searcy, Arkansas
  7. Louisiana, Shreveport
  8. Jackson, Mississippi

How much should I spend on rent?

You may be familiar with the phrase “the 30 percent rule.” This is a reference to the fact that traditionally, most experts have suggested that people spend no more than thirty percent of their gross income (before taxes) on housing expenses. (such as rent, utilities, etc.).

Is it cheap to live in Texas?

Additionally, the standard of living enjoyed by Texans is noticeably more affordable than average. In addition to not having to pay state income taxes, Texans can easily afford to buy or rent property, since home prices tend to be lower than the national average in many areas. This allows citizens to take advantage of the state’s generous real estate market.


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