How Quizlet Live Works in 2021

Quizlet Live is an interactive game show for students to play against other people. Quizlet Live offers a variety of games, including trivia questions and word quizzes. Players can compete in live matches or practice alone with personalized learning content. Quizlet Live also has a chat feature so players can talk to each other during the game. Learn how Quizlet live works in 2021.

What is Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live lets you choose what subject you want to study and then it will give you different ways that are fun and engaging for studying. You can even customize your own quiz that suits your needs! I find this app very useful because it’s always on my phone, which makes it accessible wherever I am; furthermore, there are thousands of new words added every day so there is never any

How to use Quizlet Live

How Quizlet Live Works

Quizlet live is a tool that allows you , the user, to get an interactive experience when studying. This means that instead of just memorizing flashcards like in the past , you can now go beyond them and make your memorization process more fun. The concept behind it is to turn your study sessions into games .

Note: Quizlet works as a website and an app.

The website contains many cards ( flashcards ) you can choose from based on the subject / topic you want to study. Using this method , you will have access to millions of flashcards, so there is sure to be something for you .

The app contains the same flashcards and additional study tools such as: definitions , quizzes and live sessions . The live sessions in particular is what makes this tool so unique. That is because you can now participate with other students in a real – time session where you can interact with each other and learn together.

How Quizlet Live Works

The person who starts the live session will be asked to post a question or statement and some answers ( multiple choice or definition ).

All users can see all the cards and choose which one they want. Once they make their choice, it shows them the answer together with some options . It gives you 3 seconds to tap on the right answer .

Why should you use Quizlet live

Quizlet live is a great way to study in class, when you are on the computer, or when you have spare time. You can use it during your breaks, when your teacher pauses the lecture slides, or even when they allow you to play games online!

Pros and cons of using Quizlet live


  • Exciting and dynamic way to study
  • Interactive instructor who adapts to your pace of learning, which is very helpful for language learning.


  • Audio may be difficult to understand at times (although this can’t really be helped due to the lack of time spent on prepping the audio for the course)
  • Can feel like an advertisement at times (which shouldn’t be that big of a deal in its self, but for some it may be annoying).

The success in taking this online class depends on how much you put into it. Quizlet Live is meant to supplement your already existing learning (whether you want to watch the lectures, or whether you want to do the extra practice). If you put in the work outside of each lesson, I can assure you that you will be well rewarded by your hard work.

Is it worth the money for a monthly subscription

It is worth the money because it has an interactive platform that is shared with other classmates, it’s collaborative, and they have access to the most updated tests.

Free Alternatives

Yes there are free alternatives of quizlet live but they are not as interactive or convenient as Quizlet Live. For instance you can use Diigo instead of Quizlet Live which will allow you to accomplish the same thing.

Are there any other similar websites that work well with that learning style?

My learning style is collaborative, interactive, and small group settings. Some other types of websites that I use are Schoology, Quizlet, Study Blue, Chegg, Khan Academy.

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Final thoughts

On how Quizlet live works and what to expect if you decide to try it out for yourself. We’ve all felt the pain of forgetting a word during an exam, and now there’s no need to worry. Quizlet Live is here to save you from those dark moments by making your study sessions interactive with real-time feedback from teachers or other students in your session.

Try it out today!

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