How To Be A Substitute Teacher In Kansas?

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Answer: The state of Kansas requires that applicants have a bachelor’s degree or higher and have successfully completed a teacher preparation program to be eligible for a substitute teaching license. To qualify for this position, you will also need to pass a background check. Additionally, the state of Kansas provides an emergency replacement license, which can be earned with a minimum of 60 college credits.

What are the requirements to become a substitute teacher?

To be eligible for a standard substitute license, an applicant must hold a degree from a recognized educational program that is relevant to the subject they wish to teach. To qualify for an emergency substitute license, you must have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours of school work.

What type of license is needed to be a substitute?

The first type of license is a regular substitute license and is designed for those who have graduated from an authorized teacher training school. According to Miller, this license is usually given to retired educators who are interested in providing occasional assistance in schools. or it can be used to fill long-term gaps, such as those that occur while an educator is on maternity leave.


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