How To Become A Home Inspector In Maine?

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As of early March 2019, home inspectors in Maine are not subject to any state regulation. There is a bill in the works that would require licensing of home inspectors. Complete the free, fully online Home Inspector Certificate Program offered by InterNACHI to earn your designation as a Certified Home Inspector in Maine. Six steps are required to become certified, and members can participate in the certification program at no cost and online.

How Much Do Home Inspectors Earn in Maine?

In the state of Maine, a home inspector can expect to earn approximately $69,000 per year in income and benefits.

Do home inspectors need to be licensed in Maine?

In the state of Maine, being a home inspector currently does not require a state license.

Where do home inspectors earn the most?

  1. Cities In The United States That Provide The Best Compensation For Home Inspectors Virginia, Chantilly $64,610 Annual Salary 12 Salaries Reported
  2. Atlanta Georgia. Annual salary of $63,237 21 salaries reported
  3. Houston, Texas (USA) Annual salary of $61,516 25 salaries reported
  4. Nashville, Tennessee. an annual salary of $60,188 18 salaries reported
  5. Tampa, Fla. $59,714 per year.
  6. Show more cities in the area

How many home inspectors are there in Maine?

According to the data presented above, there are fewer than 250 practicing home inspectors in the state of Maine who are members of a professional trade group.

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How do I get a Maine inspection license?

Become a Licensed Inspection Technician in the State of Maine

  1. You must be at least 17 and a half years old
  2. They are required to possess a current and valid driver’s license in the state of Maine.
  3. They must pass a background check that includes questions about their criminal and driving records.
  4. They are required to do well on a state-administered written exam.

What type of inspector earns the most money?

  1. Inspectors working for the federal government have salaries comparable to those working in the private sector, while inspectors working for the states have the lowest salaries. The industries that offer the highest salaries are the following: utilities ($85,800)
  2. The cost of transportation and storage was $79,400
  3. Production and fabrication, $69,300

What is the most a home inspector can earn?

According to the results of a survey conducted by the United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national median salary for professional home inspectors in 2020 was just over $62,000. The highest-earning inspectors raised more than $97,000 per year, while the lowest-earning 10 percent raised less than $35,000 per year. These figures are presented in comparison.

How much does a home inspector make in New Jersey?

How much money can you earn working as a home inspector in the state of New Jersey? The standard hourly wage for a home inspector in the state of New Jersey is $32.54, making the median annual compensation for this profession $67,670.


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