How To Become A Notary Public In Indiana?

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To create an account, you will need to visit the Indiana Secretary of State website. Be sure to pay the $75 application fee. Take the education class required by the state and do well on the appropriate exam. Complete the application to become a Notary Public.

How long does it take to be a notary in Indiana?

  1. Each applicant is required to show that they have successfully completed a notarial education course and exam.
  2. After paying the application fee, you will have access to the educational course and exam.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the exam, your application will be forwarded to the Secretary of State’s office for final review.
  4. Please allow five to ten business days for your order to be processed.

Is it difficult to become a notary in Indiana?

You may apply to become a notary public in Indiana as long as you meet the qualifying conditions outlined in the following paragraphs. The procedure to become a notary in Indiana is simple. Since 1994, the American Association of Notaries has been helping people in their quest to become a notary.

How much does a notary class cost?

Contact CPS at (916) 263-3520 or. Visit the website at to register as a notary public. To ensure you have a spot, you must register at least two weeks in advance. To become a new notary in the state of California, what are the total expenses involved?

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$49.95-$99 Required Training
$275-$442 Total costs for the 4-year commission.

What does it take to be a notary public in Indiana?

How long does it take to become a Notary Public in the State of Indiana? It only takes one business day to get your eight-year, $5,000 Indiana Notary Bond once you purchase it from the American Association of Notaries. The application process can be completed much faster by using the Indiana Secretary of State’s website to complete an application.

How do I get a notarized bond in Indiana?

How to get started as a notary in the state of Indiana

  1. Invest in a notarized bond in the amount of $25,000
  2. Include a sample of your signature that matches the name on the application
  3. Obtain a limited criminal history record from the Indiana State Police for a period of no more than 30 days after application is submitted
  4. Obtain a seal for the notary public
  5. Pay an application fee to become a notary of $75

Can I notarize my family in Indiana?

Can I execute a notarial certification for a family member? Indiana law allows you to notarize a member of your family. However, most notary authorities believe that notaries will not notary your family members. It would compromise your role as an impartial witness and could undermine the authenticity of an important transaction.

Can an Indiana notary take an oath?

  1. The following notarial actions may be performed by a remote notary public who is physically present in Indiana and who is authorized to perform remote notarial acts: (1) Receive your acknowledgment of this.
  2. (2) Take an affirmation or oath in front of witnesses.
  3. (3) Take a verification under solemn oath or solemn affirmation.
  4. (4) The act of witnessing or witnessing the signing of a document.
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Is a notary public official?

Notaries are public officials who have been appointed by the governments of the fifty states, the District of Columbia and the five territories that make up the United States of America to serve the inhabitants of those jurisdictions as reliable and impartial witnesses in the signing of documents. . .

What does it mean to be a notary?

A public person who has been appointed by the government to act as an objective witness to the signing of a legal document is known as a notary. Documents such as real estate deeds, affidavits, wills, trusts, and powers of attorney are examples of the types of signatures that often require the assistance of a notary public. Fraud prevention is the main function of a notary public.

What is a notarial bond?

A notarized bond is a bond that has been witnessed by a notary public. All the movable property or a particular property of the debtor is mortgaged, and is registered in the Office of Deeds by the registrar of deeds in a manner comparable to the manner in which mortgage bonds are registered.

What is the notarial seal?

A notary public is required to use their official seal at all times. The shape and design of the official seal to be used have been specified by the Notarial Rules of 1956. Every notary must use a simple circular seal with a 5 centimeter diameter bearing.

Can an Indiana notary notarize a copy of a divorce decree?

Documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees are included in this category. Although certain notaries public have the authority to ″certify copies″, this does not indicate that these notaries are permitted to make certified copies of official records.

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How do I renew my notary license in Indiana?

To keep your notary commission active in the state of Indiana, you must:

  1. Must obtain a restricted criminal history record from the Indiana State Police
  2. Purchase an Indiana Notarial Bond with a term of eight years and a face value of $25,000.
  3. Complete a web-based application to become a notary public on the Indiana Secretary of State website
  4. Be sure to pay the application fee of $75.00

When to use a credible witness to identify the signer of a Notary Acknowledgment?

  1. Both credible witnesses must have a personal relationship with the signer of the document and be in possession of a valid form of identification that they can give to the notary to confirm the identity of the signer.
  2. If there are to be two credible witnesses, both of them should complete the credible witness affidavit, sign it, and write their names below where they signed it.


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