How To Block YouTube Channel in just 3 Steps

YouTube has worked very hard to create an ideal experience for each user. You can block channels, and remove video suggestions easily. Doing this on a regular basis is perfect because it keeps your recommendations relevant, and your YouTube experience more enjoyable.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a free video-sharing platform where anyone can watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others and revenue from those videos if your channel has monetization enabled.

What is Monetization

Monetization is something by which you can create the money of your work, in youtube, if you are creative then

you can start your own YouTube channel of several genres like Cooking, Dance, gaming, etc

I have so many YouTubers who are doing as a full-time carrier.

check Terms and Condition “How you can monetize your channel” Click Here

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YouTube Kids

On the off chance that your kid needs to watch YouTube, Do consider YouTube Kids Developed By Google.

Google propelled a committed form of its video administration that is structured only for kids in 2015. As per Google, the application was downloaded in excess of 10 million times in its first year – and that number has likely developed since the application has extended from the US to the UK and somewhere else.

What is the YouTube Kids app

YouTube Kids app is a different platform of YouTube for video, however, it’s pointed for kids.

YouTube Kids app  just create a set of videos and allow only those videos which are suitable for the kid,

YouTube kids app don’t allow adult content and any sexual content which are not good for a child

Google Launched this Youtube kids app in October 2015 that the YouTube Kids application turned out with help for Chromecast, Apple TV, game consoles, and so on.

YouTube Features

When you like a video, click the like button. When you want more from that creator, click subscribe. If you really like that creator, click the bell icon that appears once you subscribe. You will receive email notifications when your favorite creators post new content.

How to Block YouTube Channel

You can block the uninteresting channels of your wish, just by following the following steps.

  1. Open that channel Page. { which you want to block}
  2. Click on the ‘About’ option on that page.
  3. On that page, click on Flag (Report User) or Block User.
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Even though, you see some Videos of that Channel on Home Page after blocking; then on that Videos option:

  • Not interested
  • Add to watch later
  • Add to Playlist
  • Report

When You Click on Not interested.

Then, You will see a message like this :

Click on “Tell us why” and click on “I’m not interested in this Channel” and Submit.

Then, you will not see videos from that Channel for sure.


You sign in to your YouTube account and visit the channel you want to block. Click on the About tab of that channel, then click the flag icon. You’ll see an option to block them.

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