How to download music on Spotify? See the step by step!

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world and has some cool features for premium plan subscribers like the ability to download albums and your favorite playlists to listen to them even without being connected to the internet.

Today TechBomb teaches you how to download music on spotify. Verify!

How to download music on Spotify from the application

1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device, Android or iOS;

2. Then select the playlist or album to download the desired songs;

3. Then press the down arrow button as shown in the image below, so that you can download the songs;

4. Wait until the process is finished;

5. Now you can see that the download symbol has turned greenwhich means the download was successful;

6. Go to the “Library” tab in the application;

7. Notice that the downloaded album or playlist now has a green button with an arrow, indicating that this content can be played offline as it is stored on your device;

8. Done, now just enjoy your favorite songs offline without spending Internet.

How to download music from Spotify on PC?

1. Open Spotify desktop app on your PC;

2. Then choose an album or playlist to download songs;

3. Once there, click on the down arrow button, as shown in the image below;

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4. Wait until the program downloads the songs;

5. When the process is complete, notice that the symbol will change color from gray to green. This means that the songs were downloaded successfully;

6. Done, now you can listen to your songs offline on your PC.

Now that you know how to download your music from Spotify, it’s even more fun to listen to your playlists on the way to work or school, without spending your data package. But remember: it is necessary subscribe to the premium plan of the service to access the function.

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