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How To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is among the most popular tools that people use to open PDF documents. Apart from just opening PDF documents, you can get a variety of other purposes completed with the assistance of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Hence, all PC users should think about having this software installed. But if you are using a Chromebook, you will not be able to get Adobe Reader installed in the traditional way. This is where you should understand the specific steps that you will need to follow in order to get Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook. Here is a quick overview of those steps that you should be following.

install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook

Step To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook:

There are two methods available for you to get Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chrome OS. The first step would be to download it via Google Play Store. Or else, you can get Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to your Google Chrome web browser as an extension as well. Let’s deep dive and take a look at the two steps on how to get Adobe Acrobat Reader on your Chrome OS.

Method 1: Using the Play Store

Step 1: Open App drawer.

Step 2: Now open PlayStore.

Step 3: In top Search Bar, type ‘Adobe Acrobat’.

Step 4: Now Open App Description or select Install in same menu.

Step 5: Adobe Acrobat is now automatically Downloaded and Installed.

Step 6: Now open the app and Sign-in to continue enjoying.

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Method 2: install acrobat reader chrome extension

Step 1: Launch the Chrome Web Store on your Chrome OS.

Step 2: From Top Menu bar, Select  Apps or Extensions option.

Step 3: Now, head to search and type ‘Adobe Acrobat’.

Step 4: Once you get the desired app, select that app.

Step 5: Now, Select ‘Add to Chrome’ to download.

How To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook? 1

Step 6: It will be downloaded and added to Extension.


It is up to you to pick any of these two methods to get this app on Chromebook. However, the exact features that you will get would vary based on the option you pick. The updates will automatically get uploaded to the extension, whereas the mobile app updates will only be added if you have selected the option to get them.

How To Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Chromebook? 4
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