How To Install Lifetime App on Amazon Fire TV?

Lifetime App is one of the oldest cable TV in the USA. A&E Networks owns these cable channels and most TV providers in the USA will provide you this channel on their network. For viewing this channel, you need not pay any subscription amount all that is required is the credentials of the TV provider. By using this tutorial, you can easily install the Lifetime App on Firestick.

Firestick is a device launched by Amazon that streams media, play video, install apps, and more on your TV. If you are a Fire TV user it is obvious that you will look for ways to install the Lifetime app.

What makes Lifetime popular?

As mentioned about this app is a TV channel app that is very popular in the USA. It has been for years that they are providing the best serials and TV shows for their audience.

The best part is you do not have to bear any cost for watching movies and shows on Lifetime App. You can access it on different platforms, like Firestick, iPad, Android, iPhone, and Kindle app.

It allows you to watch complete episodes of popular shows like Dance Moms, Date Night Live, Little Women, Project Runway, and others. You can enjoy reality shows, Hollywood movies, and dramas in the Lifetime app. These shows are the real reason why the Lifetime app is so popular.

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Steps To Install Lifetime App on Firestick TV:

install Lifetime app

When you want to view it on Amazon Fire TV the first thing you need to do is install it there. The process of installing the Lifetime app is simple. You can do that by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Head to the Home Screen of Fire TV.

Step 2: In search bar, type ‘Lifetime’.

Step 3: Now select the desired app and open more description.

Step 4: Tap Download to Install the app.

Step 5: It will be downloaded automatically.

Step 6: You are All Set. Open the app and enjoy.


For viewing the Lifetime app, you have to visit the Apps section of Fire TV. There you need to select the Entertainment category. Now it’s time to choose Lifetime. So, you have learned using the Lifetime app and start watching your favorite shows and series out there. You have the option to choose one according to your likes.

Everybody wants to enjoy their favorite shows and programs. This application gives you the opportunity of doing that. It let you enjoy anything you like as on Firestick with the help of the this app you can stream anything that you want to watch. Hope this article helped you, if it does bookmark our page for future update and allow notification for latest Tech Update.

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