How To Pay Indiana Toll Online?

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  1. To pay by license plate, go to the Pay Tolls page and look for the area labeled ″Pay by license plate″ (if using a mobile device, you may need to scroll down).
  2. To view your invoice, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the View Invoice button. This will show the transactions that have been completed and charged
  3. To pay any remaining tolls, check the box next to ″all tolls paid″
  4. Simply select the Make Payment option at the bottom of the page
  • Using Pay by Plate is as simple as the following three steps for motorists: To pay your tolls, go to and click the Pay Tolls button.
  • Enter the license plate number, the state the car is registered in, and the last six digits of the vehicle identification number in the ″Pay by Plate″ (VIN) section.
  • You can check your toll balance and pay using any of the following methods: ACH, credit card, or debit card.

How to pay tolls in Indiana without a ticket?

  • Electronic toll payment using transponders such as E-ZPass and I-Pass is available throughout the state of Indiana.
  • In addition, you have the option to pay in cash or through the Pay per Plate system.
  • RiverLink is another payment method that is accepted in southern Indiana.

What is the procedure to recover a missing toll in Indiana? Whether you have a ticket or not, if you drive on a toll road within thirty days of your trip, you can pay for it online.

Can I install E-ZPass on the Indiana East-West Turnpike?

On the Indiana East-West Toll Road, you have the option of installing an E-ZPass or paying cash for both the permanent barriers and the ticket system. You can also pay outstanding tolls through the website.

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How are tolls paid in Indiana?

How can I pay Indiana tolls? You can pay tolls in Indiana electronically using transponders such as E-ZPass and I-Pass. It is also possible to pay with Payment by Plate or in cash. In southern Indiana you can also pay using RiverLink.

How do I check if I owe tolls in Indiana?

Contact the Indiana Toll Road.

  1. Internet address:
  2. Visit the following website to contact ITR:
  3. Follow us on Twitter at @IndianaTollRoad
  4. Facebook:
  5. Twitter: @indytollroad
  6. The number to call for customer service is 574-675-4010

Can tolls be paid by card in Indiana?

Indiana Turnpike: Covid-19 Precautions Whenever possible, we encourage consumers to use E-ZPass or credit card payment options to avoid handling cash at our toll plazas. Our Elkhart walk-in customer service center is open, but we invite you to visit us online.

Is there an app for Indiana tolls?

Let one of our apps speed you up (or get you out) off the toll roads! Customers who have previously purchased Indiana Toll Road from us are eligible for a free upgrade to the 2021 edition of the product.

How much is the Indiana Turnpike toll?

Standard passenger car tolls will increase to $9.23 for E-ZPass users and $9.20 for cash users along the Portage to Eastpoint section of highway beginning in July 2020. The toll at the Westpoint will increase to an additional $2.81 for E-ZPass users and $2.80 for cash users, respectively.

Where can I pay my toll violation?

You can pay your violation on the Toll Violation page of our website, in The Toll Roads app, or you can tear off the bottom of the notice and send a check for the amount due to the following address: The Toll Roads Violation Department Toll Roads, PO Box 50190, Irvine, California 92619-0190.

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How do I pay Illinois tolls without Ipass?

  • Pay By Plate is the option to use if you are driving a vehicle that you do not own, such as one that you have leased, borrowed, or is temporary, and you do not have an I-PASS or E-ZPass transponder.
  • Within 14 days of your initial trip, all you need to do to complete your reservation is enter your license plate number, make payment and select your travel dates.
  • Taking care of multiple cars?

That option is also available with Pay By Plate!

Is River Link real?

Toll bridges include the Interstate 65 Kennedy and Lincoln bridges connecting downtown Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana; the Lewis and Clark Bridge upriver connecting eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky, and Utica, Indiana; and the bridge that bears the RiverLink branding and crosses the Ohio River.

How much does an Indiana E-ZPass cost?

An E-ZPass in the state of Indiana costs $12.00 per year in addition to requiring a $7.00 deposit. The minimum amount required is $10 or the average of the previous month, and the account will be automatically replenished at a rate of 25% of the average of the previous three months with a minimum of $2.50.

How do I pay the I 90 toll in Indiana?

What forms of payment can be used when paying tolls?

  1. E-ZPass and E-ZPass Compatible Passes The following transponders, in addition to E-ZPass, are accepted by the State of Indiana:
  2. Some of the toll roads in Indiana accept cash payments.
  3. Payments made by bank card
  4. On certain Indiana toll roads, you are given the option to be billed

Can I use I-Pass in Indiana?

EZ Travel Nationwide: You can also use your I-PASS everywhere E-ZPass is accepted, including the Chicago Skyway, Indiana Toll Road and 17 other states. (via the E-ZPass system).

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How much does the Louisville Toll Bridge cost?

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (June 17, 2021) – On July 1, 2021, new toll charges will go into effect for the three bridges connecting Louisville and southern Indiana. Rates will range from $2.21 to $13.26 per mile, and will depend on the size of the vehicle and whether or not the driver has a prepaid account.

Does RiverLink have an app?

  • Get a chance to win prizes by downloading the new Riverlink app now.
  • You will give yourself a prize in each and every one of the visits.
  • You will accumulate points every time you go to the center and make a purchase at a store that is part of the program.

You will have the ability to redeem incentives, enter contests and gain access to offers offered by retailers by using your points.

Is I-Pass the same as E-ZPass?

The I-Pass card is accepted at all local toll bridges because it is part of the E-ZPass network. I-Pass is a toll payment option that is accepted throughout Illinois, as well as on the Indiana Toll Road.

Does PayTollo work in Indiana?

PayTollo News We are now able to cover a total of 15 states as part of the E-ZPass region. These states include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia, and parts of the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


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