IIT Madras Alumni Build India’s First 3D Printed House

Indias first 3D printed house feat.

One of the technologies that has gained a lot of traction among builders, designers, and architects over the past decade is 3D printing. It allows them to build just about anything using the right materials and a 3D printer. Now, an India-based 3D printing company called Tvasta has built the country’s first 3D printed house.

Tvasta is a startup founded by three IIT Madras alumni in 2016. Led by Adithya, Parivarthan, and Vidyashankar, Tvasta grew from a small group of friends to a diverse team of engineers and researchers working in software development, electrical engineering, and machine design. and materials science.

The company recently built the first house in India that is made entirely with advanced 3D printing technology and special building material. Tvasta partnered with Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter to construct the 600-square-foot one-story building. He shared the news a few days ago via a tweet, which you can check out below.

According to a blog post, 3D printing doesn’t work with traditional building materials like cement. As a result, Tvasta, together with IIT Madras, developed a special material mix that includes an ordinary Portland cement-based concrete mix but with a low water-cement ratio.

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This special mix was later used by the company to build the 3D printed house that was virtually inaugurated by India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently.

“Conventional housing requires time, material, logistics, transportation of material, and so on. But if this technology can produce houses in different places in five days, it would not be a great challenge to build 100 million houses by 2022 ”. said the Finance Minister during the opening speech.

Looking ahead, the company aims to continue its research on various materials for use in sustainable 3D printed houses. This is because, according to the Tvasta, the “The design of the mix plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the structure.” In addition, the company is doing more to optimize the weight of the structure and the finishing operations of its buildings.

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