Instagram Adds Caption Sticker for Stories; Coming to Reels Soon

Instagram Adds Caption Sticker for Stories

Instagram is improving the accessibility of Stories with the addition of captions. In the future, creators may choose to add captions to Stories using an Instagram tag. You can access the caption tag in the story creation interface. It works with videos that you record from Instagram’s built-in camera tool and videos that you have in your phone’s gallery.

Captions on Instagram Stories and Reels

Instagram began testing the auto-caption tag in March and announced the feature’s arrival on Twitter. Through its announcement tweet, the company also revealed that subtitles will be hitting reels soon too. Take a look at the announcement tweet below:

When you post stories with captions, you can customize the font, color, and position of the caption. You can also edit and replace specific words in case the automatic transcription added some words incorrectly or the transcription missed the proper punctuation. All you have to do is tap on an individual word to make adjustments before publishing the story.

As mentioned earlier, Hearing impaired Instagram users will have to trust creators to see captions. While this is a good first step, the success of the feature depends on the creators, as viewers cannot choose to activate it manually, at least in the current implementation.

Instagram is currently rolling out caption stickers ‘in a handful of countries’, with plans to expand the feature’s availability to more regions soon. It’s also worth noting that the feature is available only in English and in English-speaking countries at the moment. Reel makers will have to wait longer to get automatic captions for their short videos.

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