Jio to Build the Largest Submarine Cable System; What Is Its Significance?

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In addition to its plans to launch affordable smartphones, develop low-cost laptops and push 5G services in India, Reliance Jio announced today that it will build the “largest” international submarine cable system in India. The system will include a network of submarine fiber optic cable lines connecting India with major exchange points and content hubs around the world to expand connectivity services.

The Indian telecoms giant has reportedly partnered with various global organizations and submarine cable providers SubCom to build the network system. The company aims to create two systems of interconnection networks to help the “Extraordinary growth in data demand across the region.”

“For the first time in the history of fiber optic submarine telecommunications, these systems place India at the center of the international network map, recognizing the increasing importance, staggering growth and quantum shift in data usage since the launch of Jio services in 2016., “ Reliance Jio said in a statement.

Jio to build the largest submarine cable network

The two fiber optic cable systems will include the India-Asia-Xpress (IAX) and India-Europe-Xpress (IEX). The IAX system will connect India with Singapore, while the IEX system will connect the country with the nations of the Middle East and Europe.

As a result, with these subsea network systems, India will be connected to countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia in the east. It will also land in Italy following connections with countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Djibouti.

Both cable systems, which run more than 16,000 km across the country, will be interconnected with each other. Additionally, these will also be connected to the Reliance Jio Global Fiber Optic Network beyond Asia Pacific and Europe and will connect both the east and west coasts of the US.

What is its meaning?

Now if you are thinking what is the use of these two submarine cable systems, let me give you a quick explanation. India, as is known, is one of the largest consumers of digital data and services. Therefore, these two systems will help and improve the quality of digital and cloud services in the country in many aspects.

According to the company, the IAX and IEX systems “It will enhance the ability of consumer and business users to access content and cloud services within and outside of India.”

Coming to the timeline of the two systems, Reliance Jio claims that the IAX system will be ready for deployment by mid-2023. The IEX system, on the other hand, will take a bit of time and will reportedly be ready. to run in early 2024.

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