JioMeet Adds New Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook

Jiomeet announced new features feat. min

Reliance Jio’s video conferencing software, JioMeet, is adding a ton of new features to make things easier for business users. The company is adding integrations with Microsoft’s video conferencing solution, Microsoft Teams, as well as with Outlook.

With the new integrations, companies using Microsoft Teams will be able to schedule their JioMeet calls seamlessly. In addition, the JioMeet Outlook add-in will allow users to schedule JioMeet calls from the Outlook interface. Users will be able to click on the ‘choose meeting’ option and select ‘JioMeet’. They can then schedule and schedule the meeting, which will be automatically added to their Outlook calendar and JioMeet calendar.

The new features of JioMeet are available to integrate with Teams and Outlook as add-ins. Interested users can download JioMeet from the Teams software client, while the Outlook add-in can be found in the Outlook add-in store.

In addition to these integrations with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, JioMeet also brings a couple of other features to the software. Meeting organizers will now be able to hide or show non-video participants within a meeting with a single click. Also, JioMeet will now offer more design options for video calls, including support for Speaker Video, as well as a new gallery view showing 9 participants in a grid.

JioMeet was launched last year and has been gaining new features steadily. Earlier this year, the company added support for small group rooms, file sharing, and more design options for video conferencing software. With the addition of the new features announced today, JioMeet will be more useful for a greater number of users, especially SMEs and companies.

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