10 Best Free Keylogger Detector & Remover Software [UPDATED]

The keylogger detector software is a tool to get rid of the kinds of keyloggers. Kinds of programs are important to protect your computer system.Consequently, in this Report, we will discuss the 10 keylogger sensor software PC.

10 Best Free Keylogger Detector For Windows ✔

  1. Kaspersky Security Scan and Anti-Keylogger
  2. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Removal
  3. Bitdefender Rootkit Scanner
  4. aswMBR Rootkit
  5. Norton Power Eraser Keylogger Detector
  6. UnHackMe
  7. AntiSpy
  8. Trend Micro Rootkitbuster
  9. GMER: Rootkit Detector and Remover
  10. Sophos Rootkit Removal
keylogger detector software

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is a piece of a program, which when installed on a system, tracks and logs all the keystrokes on the keyboard or the mouse clicks, in a covert manner, which you cannot notice. Keylogger comes under the category of spying or monitoring software. This is used by attackers to steal your passwords, bank account details, log-in pins and other sensitive data that you type in. This program is usually used for malicious intent, however, few legitimate uses of this software do exist. Naming a few, parental monitoring of kid’s online activity, monitoring of employees in an organization.

Where does it come from?

These keyloggers are quietly downloaded onto your system when you click on malicious links. Attackers might knowingly install this software along with any pirated content(movies and games or torrents) you downloaded. The software logs your keystrokes and then sends them to the attacker, through the Internet.

The installation and working of this software are so covert that it goes unnoticed all the time. Here comes our savior, Keylogger detector software. 

What is Keylogger detector?

Keylogger Detector is the anti-keylogger software developed to track these malicious little software and report them to the users. Not only this, but they also sandbox(sterilize) the keylogger software from working anymore and sending key-logs to the attacker. This software may be paid or available for free. Here I will discuss the top 6 Keylogger detectors available for you to use right now. 

1.McAfee Rootkit Remover

keylogger detector software
keylogger detector software

  McAffe is a standalone tool for detecting, preventing and removing Keyloggers. This Keylogger Detector software is available for free, go to the website and download it on your system. Upon successful installation, run scan for rootkits, after a while the software will automatically detect rootkits and notify you about them if any. You can set the software to automatically scan for rootkits in the background or do it manually by yourself.

Download McAfee RootkitRemover

2.Kaspersky TDSS Killer

keylogger detector software
keylogger detector software

  Kaspersky provides another free and awesome  Keylogger Detector software to detect and remove the keyloggers. Simple design, yet effective working. It can detect and remove both known and unknown keyloggers quite efficiently. It is regularly updated with newer keyloggers like win32, rootkit.tdss and many more. Download it from this link here, install and use it. 

Download Kaspersky TDSS Killer


  Ghostpress is another  Keylogger Detector awesome tool to discover these Keyloggers and contain or remove them. This application is not limited to a selected number of programs, but it protects you in almost every program and even on the Windows Log-in platform. 

Designed minimalisticaly, this software is used to use and has got a modern UI. Download for free from this link. It is an award-winning software in this category.

Download Ghostpress

4.Zemana Anti-Keylogger

  This Keylogger Detector software provides cloud-based protection from keyloggers. It scans your system for keyloggers with the data present in its server. They promise to keep your data private. This software also presents very less resource demand and works fluidly. Try getting the pro version for additional features and a 1-year license. This software provides a 1 month free trial period. Download the free version from here.

Download  Zemana Anti-Keylogger

5.Avast Rootkit scanner

keylogger detector software

 A Keylogger Detector is Avast rootkit scanner scans for all rootkits including Keyloggers and removes them. It will prevent the future installation of a rootkit. This software is also free and is easy to use. This software also provides additional features such as Browser cleaning, Password security, and Network Protection. Regularly updated with the latest patches against viruses and rootkits. This will be your best bet. Download the software from this link. 

Download Avast Rootkit scanner


keylogger detector software

 Another renowned Keylogger Detector software in this category for efficient detection and removal of Keyloggers. Lighter on resources and faster at the same time. It also looks for potentially unwanted programs that are not useful but still may be consuming resources. Realtime protection uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning to detect suspicious online activity and detect few unknown vulnerabilities as well. It also protects your PC from being locked by ransomware. Download the software from this link. 


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Good scanning speed


  • Not very reliable
  • Can’t be hidden

Download  Malwarebytes 

Conclusion ?

So these were few anti-keylogger software that will protect you from keyloggers and keep you safe from attackers. Remember, nothing is 100% secure or works fully flawlessly. Few steps like, not clicking suspicious links or downloading unknown files, or pirated content will help you keep safe from the keyloggers. 

Thank you for reading our article. We will be back with another article with more cool keyloggers and How to create a Keyloggers For Windows.

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