Man Orders a Kilo of Apples Online, Receives an Apple iPhone SE Instead

Tesco stores giving away Apple and Samsung products feat.

Tesco, the UK-based grocery retail giant, is giving away various electronic products to its customers as part of its new Super Substitute initiative. The company did not formally announce anything about it. However, some Tesco customers have started receiving surprise gifts, including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and more with their orders at some of the Tesco stores in the UK.

Nick James, a regular Tesco shopper, recently went to pick up his click order and pick up a kilo of apples from his nearest Tesco grocery store, when he got a big surprise. Opening his bag of apples, he saw a new box of an Apple iPhone SE. He shared his experience through a tweet, which you can check out below.

Now Nick is one of the lucky customers to get an Apple iPhone SE with his apple order. However, if I had ordered frozen cod, I would have bought the AirPods. And if you had ordered a bundle of Mini Cheddars, you could have bought an iPhone 12 Mini.

In addition to Apple devices, Tesco is also giving away other smartphones to customers on their orders. For starters, if you order laundry tablets, you might get a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 with your order. Ordering gnocchi, on the other hand, might get you a Nokia 3.4, while freshly baked muffins will get you a Motorola E7.

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In addition, the English retail giant is offering other accessories such as the Galaxy Watch 3 with orders for Galaxy chocolate drinks, the Galaxy Buds Live with orders for cotton buds, and the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 (black variant) with orders for Pampers diapers.

The Super Substitute offering was launched last week and will end today. So if you live in the UK, find a Tesco store near you and shop for your favorite grocery items for a chance to win Apple and Samsung products.

Featured Image Courtesy: Nick James (@ TreedomTW1)

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