Download MI PC Suite? Latest Version 3.0 – Official [2022]: Windows 10, 8, 7

Are you a Mi Lover? you want to sync your photos /documents / Contacts with Your PC so try  Mi PC Suite 3.0 Latest version. Mi PC Suite is more advanced than any other PC suite, due to the below-mentioned reasons.

What is Mi PC Suite? How do I connect my device to Mi PC Suite?

MI PC Suite Download

Mi PC Suite or Xiaomi PC Suite is the software provided by Xiaomi. It is Windows compatible. The aim of the tool is, to help manage the Xiaomi phones directly. This doesn’t require any help from any agent. If you know about drivers and basic Windows usage, you can easily use this software. This tool comes most handy when the handling of data on your phone becomes unmanageable. Made to facilitate and simplify the tensions of fixing errors in your Xiaomi phones (Mi 9, Mi Max 2, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Mi Mix 2, Redmi S2, Redmi Y2).

MI Pc Suite download latest version

Mi PC Suite Features and How can I access Mi mobile from PC?

  • User can back up their photos, contacts, documents, messages, and data.
  • There is also a preparation to select an existing backup and restore its data to your Xiaomi phone.
  • The Mi PC Suite can also sync your device to your  Personal Computer to automatically transfer your data.

Mi PC Suite Compatibility

Mi PC Suite is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS. Although it’s a shame that this tool is not available for Linux. Considering that Android is Linux-based and the Xiaomi phones Android-based. Whereas, it’s most easy to deal with driver installation in Linux. However, let’s move with Windows here.

Mi PC Suite is compatible with all versions of Windows. Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), and Windows XP (32-bit). All the versions are compatible.

Beginning and Installation   

Mi Pc suite Beginning and Installation 

CAUTION: If you don’t know how to install software, please learn them. WE WON’T BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT GOES WRONG WITH YOUR PC OR SMARTPHONE.

To begin with, this tool can be used to upgrade, downgrade, or flashing stock ROM. These things can be done quite smoothly with this software. To begin with, you need to install drivers. Download the Xiaomi ADB drivers. Installing the software for the first time? Follow these simple steps.

Installation process: 

  • Extract the downloaded Drivers zip file to a folder.
  • Double click on the .exe file.
  • Install the drivers.
  • Select Run, and Trust the software, if a security alert pops up on your screen.
  • Now the Mi PC Suite has been successfully installed on your PC and is ready to use.

USE CASES of Mi PC Suite

Organize Tool

Mi PC Suite is used to organize data stored on your smartphone. The software can do these organizations very quickly, it seems simple. Although, it’s not that simple. The software will work by connecting your phone to your PC via cable. It also provides you with features to enjoy or preview multimedia stored on your phone, in your PC.


Mi PC Suite comes with a built-in multimedia detection tool. Using this tool you can easily detect all the media files on your smartphone. The name of the option is the Mi Multimedia management package. You can choose and enjoy that section of the media on your PC.


Using this package of the Mi PC Suite you can synchronize all your media, contacts, call details, calendar, images, text messages. In simple words, everything. You can sync all this info to your PC.


A very important feature of this tool is that it provides a backup option. Using this, you can easily backup all your data on your smartphone. You can create and store the backup on your computer. This might come in handy when you need to reset your phone. Remember, always back up your stuff, every 2 weeks to update the backup. With a local backup in place, you can use your phone free of the tension of losing data.


This tool can also be used to transfer files from your PC to your smartphone or vice versa. You can use this tool to transfer files to other smartphones as well. This transfer happens via cable and therefore it happens at blazing fast speed. This tool comes in handy when you don’t want to use third-party file transfer apps or software. Also, it provides faster transfer speeds when compared to wireless methods.

mi pc suite

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System Update

Similar to other brands, Mi PC Suite also provides an option to install and update your OS. The best part is, you don’t even need to download the update file. The software will do it all by itself. It will automatically detect your smartphone. Then download the latest update available for your smartphone. Now, it will provide you with a one-click install feature. This will update your phone’s OS to the latest OS.


As previously pointed out, you can use this tool to import and export your messages. You can create notes on your PC and directly send it to your smartphone. You can also send these notes directly to different people via SMS. 


  • Install the drivers first, from the link given above.
  • Connect your phone to your PC before performing any operation.
  • Do not leave the cable loose.
  • Do not unplug your smartphone during a process. Properly eject it by first completing all the incomplete processes, then closing the software, and then plugging it out.
  • Watch youtube tutorials, if you have any doubt regarding any process.

Mi pc suite Linux 

Currently, it is not possible to download Mi pc suite Linux. it basically runs in windows 7, 8, and higher windows versions but You can try installing it with WINE in Ubuntu, but you may face some USB driver issues.

why do you want to install Mi PC suite?

basically, you just want to transfer files, I would recommend your Mi Device should provide a Mass Storage or MTP mode through which you can transfer files in Ubuntu.


So, this was a quick but descriptive look at the Mi PC Suite and its uses and advantages. I hope you liked the article. Do share it. Follow all the steps properly, to avoid any errors in any of the processes. 

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