Microsoft Adds Bluetooth AAC Audio Support in Windows 10

Microsoft Adds AAC Support in Windows 10 Insider Build

Microsoft is finally adding AAC support for Bluetooth audio in Windows 10. AAC support is currently active in the latest build from Windows Insider, Microsoft announced in a blog post. To be specific, Microsoft added AAC support in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21370 in the dev channel.

Windows 10 gets AAC support

“Enjoy superior audio streaming quality wirelessly on your AAC codec-enabled Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Short for Advanced Audio Codec, AAC is a lossy codec that offers high-quality audio streaming in smaller files, ideal for listening to music online. “ Microsoft wrote in their blog post.

Until now, Windows has limited Bluetooth users to SBC and aptX. With this addition, Windows will offer better compatibility with Apple’s headphone line. Also, the native iTunes app, which is long overdue to be replaced in Windows, could also benefit from the change. Apple was hiring developers to create the next generation of multimedia applications for Windows in November 2019.

In addition to AAC, Microsoft is also simplifying the way paired Bluetooth headsets work in Windows 10. At this time, Windows displays various audio endpoints that can confuse users. Going forward, Windows will display a single endpoint and automatically switch profiles effortless.

windows 10 unified endpoint
Image: Microsoft

Other changes in the new Insider build include adjustments to the icons in the File Explorer address bar, improved touch keyboard startup animation, and miscellaneous changes and bug fixes. If you want to try this build of Windows 10 right now, you can sign up for the Insider program (Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Insider Program) from the Settings app. However, you may run into bugs as Insider builds are not intended for the general public.

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