Netflix Starts Rolling out the “Play Something” Button

Netflix starts rolling out Play Something button feat 1

Going to Netflix or any streaming platform to see something new is not as simple as it sounds. If you’re someone like me, you will most likely go to Netflix, watch the hundreds of movies and TV shows, and keep blatantly browsing the library without starting anything. So, citing this indecisive nature of users, Netflix has finally started rolling out its long-awaited “Play Something” button to users.

The digital streaming giant, after achieving 200 million paid subscribers, had confirmed that it would roll out the shuffle button, which it has been testing since last year, for all users. Today, Netflix Announced the global launch of the shuffle button, known as the “Play Something” button, for your TV app.

Netflix “Play Something” Button

The “Play Something” button, as the name suggests, will play something from the Netflix library based on users’ viewing history. So if you find yourself scrolling through the Netflix library on your TV next time, you can simply click the new button for the platform to decide your next movie or TV series.

Netflix begins to implement the Play Something button

So once you click the “Play Something” button, Netflix will analyze your watch history and play a new series or movie, a series or movie that you are already watching, a series or movie that is on your list observational. or an unfinished series or movie that you might want to watch again. However, if you don’t like the content you play, you can click the “Play Something” button again to play other content.

The new “Play Something” button is in various locations within the Netflix TV app. You can find it under your profile name, the 10th row on the Netflix home page, or the navigation menu bar on the left of the screen (shown above). If you want to search for a movie or TV show on all streaming services including Netflix, Prime Video, and others, you can rely on this tool here.

Therefore, indecisively scrolling through Netflix will not be an option now. Additionally, Netflix hopes that this new button will retain more users as it will encourage them to watch something on the platform and, in turn, engage with it. However, the success rate of the Play Something button on Netflix will depend on the quality of the content it offers.

What do you think of the new button “Play something”? Will you use it more than often like me? Let us know in the comments below.

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