Private School/College fees Should be abolished during Lockdown

No Fees to Pvt School During Lockdown
Pvt school fees should be revoked

Small appeal to Government that

The middle-class family does not fulfill their

needs during this lockdown and the schools like DAV, DPS, and many more schools.
If they ask for a fee after lockdown

Middle-class family, how will they pay?

private school fees
According to various school authorities, some parents have assumed that there will be no fees for the period and numerous queries are being received by them about fee waivers.
“There is no clarity.

Schools are still charging miscellaneous fees like meal charges and transport charges. Nobody knows what has been waived and what is still there. When we reach out to schools they say it’s the only relaxation in the time and not the amount,” Sandeep Makhija, a Gurgaon resident, told PTI.

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