PUBG – Patch Report – Update 6.2 New Season

        pubg season 6

                                                                       PUBG  SEASON 6 UPDATE

              Welcome back, Survivors!

                At the beginning of Season vi,

              we introduced a fresh map
for you to drop into.


NOW, we’re conveyance you a fully new approach
to play with PUBG’s new Arcade Mode!

The first game kind to debut during this mode
is a lot of demanded Team Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch makes
its long-anticipated debut in PUBG,

allowing players
to finally take one another on

in associate degree full-scale frag fest
to see that the team comes out on high.

The classic FPS game mode is currently accessible.

with seven battlefields force
from your favorite maps.

Erangel’s Stabler
and Sosnovka Military Base,

Sanhok’s Paradise Resort and Docks,

Vikendi’s Podvosto and Peshkova

and Miramar’s Campo Militar

are the
first maps
that will be accessible for choice

With a lot of on the approach within the future.

Unlike the standard Battle Royale mode,

in Team Deathmatch,

you respawn shortly when being defeated.

When you come to the battle,

you will be momentarily unconquerable
and placed on the point of teammates,

but away
from enemies the maximum amount as attainable.

Players choose between preloaded weapons kits.

that can be modified at any time
by accessing the map screen,

but confine
mind the amendment
will not go

Until your next respawn
or the beginning of consequent spherical.

Another feature in Update vi.2
is that the Parachute Follow choice.

Tired of attempting to work out
where to fulfill your squad throughout your drop?

You can currently choose the Follow perform.

to let your squad leader guide you to the bottom.

Use your further free time to scout around
for enemies landing with you

Or just soak up the sights!

Karak is additionally obtaining
another little spawn and loot adjustment,

seeing a rise
in tending kits and boost things,

and a decrease in DMRs, SRs,
and Win94.

For all of you missing
your favorite Vikendi guns tho’,

the G36C
and MP5K
will currently spawn on Karakin.

That care package plane
is also gonna move a small amount quicker currently.

Next up, when immeasurable player feedback,

we’ve done a minor
to throwables.

There’s quite a bit of traveling up here,

but the most important amendment is that
frag grenades weigh fifty p.c a lot of

and their injury
is currently quenched by vests.

Each bomb kind received some changes,

so inspect the patch notes to ascertain all of them.

In addition to everything else,

we’ve tweaked blue zone effects

to make it easier to ascertain through
while supplying you with higher data,

updated blood result visibility,

have enforced associate degree adjustment

that should facilitate the “right peek” issue
we talked concerning earlier this month.

Be sure to examine out the patch notes
for full details.

Update 6.2 has landed,

so squad up and find your frag on!

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